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Carbon nanotube composite armours


Scientific paper dealing with
"Ballistic-protection performance of carbonnanotube-doped poly-vinyl-ester-epoxy matrix composite armor reinforced with E-glass fiber mats"

Might warrant a look, if only out of interest in modern armour concepts.

I' d love to have strong carbon hulled ships. Cool

I guess there is really not much need currently for another type of armour, in the scale of balance and things.

But I thought it might make a nice addition in the bigger picture, to have some non-metal armour types present. Supposedly, these would protect better against raw kinetic damage and less so (I would imagine) against EMP or Laser attacks.

I don' t know how cost/armour etc should be balanced though. It's a relatively light material, on par with light alloy. It offers slightly better protection (halfway between alloy and metal) at a higher price than alloy.
It could be potentially a lot better against lower-ap impact based attacks, but worse against high-ap weapons or energetic weaponry, also he.

Just spewing some thoughts here.
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