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Viking's 2.0 Neter Grand Campaign

I'm sure many of you including me are interested in knowing what the campaign is like now that FTD is in 2.0. My coverage of the DWG will be short and to the point as most people should know them the best.
[Image: GkoKyuk.jpg]
I spent 15 minutes setting up a Lornedfor base, and basic forces to start things off an Imperial Scout and Imperial Eagle.

[Image: N6uj5Au.jpg]

Hour 1 "To War"
Phase 1 of the attack begins. In the first hour I cleared everything to the Eriwick Islands, and managed to afford a second Eagle and an Imperial fighter.
Tougher DWG units are finally starting to show up. A Snap Jaw lead an offence against my Squad of fighters suddenly it was 2k vs 20k.

[Image: v1UNuDv.jpg]

This fight was longer and an Eagle even went down to 90% at one point!

Hour 2-3 "Squatters!"
After slugging it out with the Snap Jaw and other forces I finally saved up enough war funds for a destroyer class ship. The flying Nimbus! This was originally designed as a high altitude bomber for the Glao, but my plans changed for it, comes in at just a hair over 3000 volume for reference.

[Image: XJxFxoI.jpg]

Most of the fighting was ships below expert, but in the north of the Eriwick islands I stumbled upon a fleet of 5 Paddleguns, and I thought this should be a good test for my squad of flyers. 5.9k vs 25.2k.

[Image: qk7G1y9.jpg]
[Image: SNhS4IB.jpg]

No units were lost, but some poor recruit had to repaint everything. The worst damage yet came from fighting a Conger in the narrow corridors of Eriwick. One Imperial Eagle was heavily damaged, and the pilot fired for drinking. There are no pictures of this event I highly suspect a cover up.

Hour 4 "Death of the DWG"
Force count 1 permanent base, 1 temp base, 2 Nimbus, 2 Imperial Eagles, 2 Imperial fighters, 2 Imperial scouts.
Fighting finally got intense by the Janwall islands. A krakon and a few Paddle guns downed an Eagle, While another Eagle was downed by a Pilferer and Paddle gun. But it was merely a small price to pay to crush piracy under our wings.

Time of Death 4h49m.
[Image: cRi1o61.jpg]

I think I was really unlucky with the spawns, because I hardly saw any of the DWGs strongest designs not even one crossbone or turtuga. Overall they felt weaker than normal, but by all means should still serve their purpose as the Gatekeepers.
Tune in next time for the invasion of the OW and expansion of the fleet.

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