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10/24/17 Design Competition! Round 5 "Spaceships"

Submissions are now closed. In total I received 10 submissions, and I wont be cutting any out for the final vote.

Reviews and Poll thread will be posted tomorrow.

Due to a snafu with the posted deadline it ended up finishing on a weekend and thats my busiest work time so Im not able to do the reviews on time.

The Next Competition thread is posted at the correct time, so you can go ahead and get started on that.

Theme: Steampunk

Btw, these were the final BPs I took, if you arent here, then I missed you. Let me know soon.
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RE: 10/24/17 Design Competition! Round 5 "Spaceships" - by majyst - 2017-11-11, 03:00 PM

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