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Adventure trials

@sveno: ty
I' say: Just try it. And if you fear chaos taking over, make some preperations (weapons, hull shapes, engines) in the designer. Having a plan does help to. (Not that I usually have one  Rolleyes )

Well, its time for another round. A round of luck or one of disaster? Both are equally likely.

First I flew over to the Stalwart, intending to take it out.
Watching the limited effectivness of my missiles though, I switched them to Magnet mines and just hovered above the big clump of metal that is (nearly) any of the OW ships.
[Image: 2018-10-17_211639vcf95.jpg]

130m23s: Stardust (SD), Chrysaetos (SS)

145m0s: Volta (LH)

Rolling my eyes but staying focused, I charged the Volta and placed some temporarely short range small missile turrets to take it out fast.
With its wreckage sucked up I also realized that my Material storage is too small and managed to fit in lots of crates and lockers and tanks in the gaps of the engine piping, going up to 52k storage

154m22s: BabyPaddlegun (DWG), Sledge (DWG)
161m13s: Defiant (OW, Lance (OW)
169m21s: Retribution (SS), Meridian (OW)
175m 44s: Scuttlegun (DWG)
182m9s: Scuttlegun (DWG)

During those fights I added the first hullmounted missiles like 3-block small Torpedos in 3 launchers to each side containing
T.Prop 175 - Fins - Fuel - One Turn - Target Pred. - Reg. - Ballast 5m - Expl. x3 - Fins - T.Sonar
Range of about 1,8-2 km

Also near the new front turning thruster 3-block small Anti-Surface/Air Missiles in 3 launchers to each side containing
Var.T. 180 - Fins - Fuel x2 - Reg. - Target Pred. - Frag x4 75° - Fins - Radar Seeker
Range of about 2,5 km

Also finally decided to jump a gate and placed an ACB behind my seat that, if enabled, disables all the Dediblades and lets me plummet from the sky.
For the last few meters I placed a large thruster to push me into the gate.
Also got rid of the ballons and switched to full on Dediblade lift.
The journey continues.
--Entering Warp difficulty 1.1--
13m27s: Kalmar (DWG)

My lack of ammunition became very apparent as the medium missiles stop reloading because the small missiles stole every bit.

I didn't want to become a big flying ammo barrel but also don't like ammunition processors and so decided to... "outsource" my ammunition storage:
[Image: 2018-10-18_200542bsitg.jpg]
Surely not the most cost efficent solution because one hit to the light blocks severs the whole external storage but at least are these blowing up far from my ship.
Maybe should have gone the subobject route and gained the benefit of repair tentacles as well, but that thought just occured to me now.
Maybe will change that, but knowing me, probably not. Am a bit on the lazy side sometimes.

16m58s: MonkeyBarrel (DWG)
35m57s: BabyPaddlegun (DWG), Martyr (WF)
53m8s: Capitol (OW)

First big test of firepower and the extended ammunition storage. That clump of metal can take beating.
To evade its shots I just set a singular patrol point 600m or so away so that my airship keeps flying circles. Works wonders against CRAMs.

62m39s: Darkhammer(WF), Retribution (SS)
69m54s: Capitol (OW), Riverhome (DWG), Hammer (SS)

Big fight and I was tired of sitting on the outskirts of every battle. Charged right through the middle, missiles blazing. Got shot at, but most of the attacks hit the ammuntion bags which are Aim point selection targeting magnets.
[Image: 2018-10-18_213933y6ixe.jpg]
As you can see I also added a second Spinner with Ammo-bags because just having one destabilized my flight path considerably. (Like heavy weights swinging on a chain)
Tried for some aesthetics but the result was sobering. Something for another time though.
On another note: The passive regen of the ammo barrels is now enough to sustain constant firing of all launchers

78m28s: CasketBolt (DWG), Moskito  (?)
86m38s: Essen (OW)
92m40s: Volta (LH), Pulsar (SD)

Was going to add long range large missiles but the game detected I was having fun so sent those two.
They shot me up good and I them, the Pulsar being surprisingly tanky. I survived the encounter, but on a loss of 14k Material.
(Each time a ammo bag gets shot off, thats ~2k Material to repair)

109m12s: Martyr (WF)
116m53s: BabyPaddlegun (DWG), Felix_Flieger_B5_Geier (DWG), Dromaeo (SS)

Well, got my Material back and decided to add those large missiles quick before anything can me interupt again.
Placed them vertically on my sides, 8-blocks long with hatches going out.
[Image: 2018-10-20_135649xqcap.jpg]
(Some armour stripped for better viewing)
Missile interior:
Var.T. 5015 - Fins - Fuel - Target Pred. - Expl. x2 - Fins - Radar Seeker
Range ~3,9 km
With those missiles, my craft now cost 72k (missiles are really expensive. I still am flattend by the costs)

Following that, test subjects arrived *snicker*

122m45s: Convictor (GT)
128m1s: Iapetus (LH)

Both large missiles hit, both targets in pieces. Seems to be working. Big Grin

Confirmed kills:

XB_42_Lynx (SS)
Retarius (WF)
Martyr (WF) x3
Culverine (OW)
Sunfish (DWG)
Ampere (LH)
Gotha (DWG)
Piercer (WF) x2
Claymore (OW)
Jacobs Folly (DWG)
Stardust (SD)
Chrysaetos (SS)
Stalwart (OW)
Volta (LH) x2
BabyPaddlegun (DWG)  x3
Sledge (DWG)
Defiant (OW
Lance (OW)
Retribution (SS) x2
Meridian (OW)
Scuttlegun (DWG)
Kalmar (DWG)
MonkeyBarrel (DWG)
Capitol (OW) x2
Riverhome (DWG)
Hammer (SS)
CasketBolt (DWG)
Moskito (?)
Essen (OW)
Pulsar (SD)
Felix_Flieger_B5_Geier (DWG)
Dromaeo (SS),
Convictor (GT)
Iapetus (LH)

Till another time,
Have a nice day Smile
Some may know me as the most boring, consistent person on the planet, others as the most irritating erratic.
If you can't make sense of my sentence structuring, don't worry. Me neither. Language and I are at odds sometimes.

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