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Warhammer 40k Land campaign! THE EMPEROR NEEDS YOU!

I have my entire designs catalogue built around the idea of my forces being my real life warband roving around on neter.

As such, most are to some extend chaos themed.
Howeverm they are not very lore friendly, as they are all supposedly designed by mad high-tech hellsmiths Confused

I could try my hand at making some regular stuff?
Imperium Age of Sail Campaign Custom Campaign Dev Idea

Check it out here!

- The Best Cello Concerto of all time - No, It's not Elgar's

have built this assault predator and you can put it to use

I don't know yet if I'm gonna build more at this scale, want to try 1:1 for giggles, even if it's probably absurd (1mt predator outlines
gets high on math

As far as I can remember, you can lock techs (blocks), but you can set up unlocks with only "have the player won this mission".
So you must make a series of separate missions beside the main campaign, missions where you acquire new techs.
If this already changed, and expanded, please notify me here.

Also you may think about using yet unused settings, like preventing strategic and tactical map avatar teleportation (there is actually a miscellaneous teleport block, which works),
or using heartstone in a way that the unit dies without it, not the avatar. Smile
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]

Wanted to give people an update since I haven't said much here in quite a while. We have lots of new vehicles since the last post. Mostly I have been working on the imperial stuff. For those of you who have been following Aner Dyfan's AotE campaign with community builds you may have seen a few of the vehicles that will be making an appearance in the campaign. Sadly he's probably not going to get to all of the ones that I have submitted. If you have been following the series you can see they are pretty tough builds. I think only one of mine got destroyed but that one wasn't a 40k one anyway. I'd like to give a list of what we have so far when in a more detailed update with some new screen shots. For now here is what I have been able to put together.

Leman Russ (along with a cram variant for a demolisher)
Tank Hunter
Predator Annihillator
Predator Destructor
Land raider (In don't recall the name of the variant but its the one from dawn of war)
I would also like to ask for ideas from the community for craft they would like to see featured in this and we are still looking for folks who would like to contribute. I will be posting a link to our discord in a later post. Thanks to all who have been contributing so far.


You hear footsteps thunder in the distance

I began the Imperator project at the start of the year and now it is getting close to being finished!!!

This will be part of the campaign along with other titan class vehicles

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(2017-10-09, 09:22 PM)Captain_Fox Wrote: Go take a shield generator, slap that on your ship and turn the bugger up to max.

KV-2: Derp Lord of the universe

Forward broadside is only broadside

That looks badass
Ur mum is a nice lady.

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