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What I am working on

I want to say thank you to all of you for your support, I'll do my best to help in FtD development as much as I can.

I am currently porting some parts of the FS architecture into FtD, because these are great advances Nick made, and it will help us to work in an easier environment in FtD.
That's not very interesting for you as it will bring no new feature.
For those who know a bit about FtD code, I am currently neck deep in removing the block array of the constructs, in order to replace it by something much more efficient.
For those who don't, it's about the same thing as replacing all the bones of someone, while trying not to kill him...

When I will be done with that (it's hard to provide a deadline, I have barely the head out of it for now...), I will also integrate the SpinBlocks on SpinBlocks feature Nick designed for FS.
That will be the first new visible feature I will bring into FtD.

As for my mods, for now nothing has been decided.
I'm pretty sure some parts will be at least partially included but I have no more details than that.
I'll let you know when I have more precise information.

Just curiosity, what is the replacement for the block arrays?

The new turrets on top of turrets should be interesting you could all sorts of new options.
Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill

Building on draba’s question, what would the replacement of the block array mean for the game? Performance gains, better hit boxes?

I suppose quite e lot of room for performance improvement in terms of memory, better handling of explosions, drag and armour.

(2017-10-16, 08:31 PM)draba Wrote: Just curiosity, what is the replacement for the block arrays?

It is 'ElementStorage<Block>'.
In fact, it is just an abstraction which hides the actual implementation of how are stored the blocks in memory.
The main advantage is that it will be possible to modify the storage implementation without having to modify thousands of lines of code.
That also means that there will be no more 'LocalToArray()' or 'GlobalToArray()' methods, as there's no array anymore. Now there will be only Global and Local coordinates, much easier to work like that.

For now, there are 3 dictionaries, Nick tried a few different possibilities and found that this one works well.
I'll probably try one or 2 ideas about that storage, to see if it can be improved.

(2017-10-17, 05:05 AM)Stinger10034 Wrote: Building on draba’s question, what would the replacement of the block array mean for the game? Performance gains, better hit boxes?

That's a good question.
For now I do not have a definite answer as it's not yet finished and I do not have tested it.
But it should be a little slower (normally unnoticeable considering the scale of the game), as before it was an array and nothing is faster than an array.
But there will be a large gain in memory, which will probably improve overall performances.
From my experience, there will not be any noticeable difference in performance.

Except for one situation.
Currently, if you have a large vehicle (say 200x30x50) and if you add beams to expand its bounding box, then you will experience a huge slowdown, even a freezing for several seconds (depending on the hardware and size of the vehicle).
That will be history.
No more freezing in that situation because the freezing was caused by expanding the array, which is a very slow operation as everything had to be copied to a larger array.

As a conclusion, what I foresee as visible modification for the players:
- less memory consumed by the vehicles / fortresses / structures
- no more freezing when building out of the bounding box

By divining from the entrails of the goat, and the floght of the crows, I say that will be a great bugfix solving all strange spreading damage on construct and subconstructs, while providin the possibility to include other features, like spinspinblocking.

We also should plan the protesting march of half a million white flayer retired fanatics in all the mayor cities of our planet Dirt, to demand the features of Gladyon's base mod, which provides the toolbox (a nice 3D interface showing the components you need, and accessing all (in groups too) setups screens like "all LAMS to 150m"), stops firing damaged missiles, and cannon barrels, and set up % damaged and sinking for our submarines.

[Image: sqtko.jpg]
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]

(2017-10-17, 08:24 AM)Gladyon Wrote: ...

Ah, makes sense Smile
Based on the "something much more efficient" I thought you found some scheme to store spatial relations that beats array for FtD purposes.
This should also be nice, bigass ships with lots of empty internal space are pretty common.

Spin blocks on spin blocks :o sounds awesome, as well as everything else. Keep it up peeps Big Grin

Are failsafes going to recognize spinblocks on spinblocks?
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