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10/16/17 Design Competition round 4 "Helicoptors"

This competition will be based purely on Looks and will not be ranked based on their combat abilities.

Below Info is slightly different than previous competition, pay attention.

Competition Method:
-You will have 8 days to build and submit a design
-1 Design Per person, Sub-spawns allowed as part of the 1 design.
-5k Blocks Max
-Designs must be fully functional, as if it is meant to be used in game. I dont want to see a pretty shell. Engines, ammo, fuel, functional weapons, etc.
- 8-10 designs minimum, if I cant get that Im afraid Ill cancel the competition.
-After 8 days I will choose what I think are the top 8-10 designs.

Submission Method:
Post a Screenshot and the BP in the thread, if you dont want to post the BP, then PM me it in Discord. Picture Still required.
2-3 Pictures will be used in the voting thread

-Winner will get 1 game under 10 dollars gifted to them on Steam. If you want to wait on the gift and see if you win more I can merge your winnings into a more expensive game.

-You will also get the Golden Forum Role "Competition Winner" on the forums and Discord if you are there.

-I'll give ya a +2 to your rep

2nd Place winner can accept or reject the new Forum Role "1st place loser" which is colored Pink. Big Grin

3rd Place winner will receive a +1 Rep bump

New Theme:Helicopters
Helicopters designs must have visible Helicopter blades and be designed in a way that it looks like the blades are the primary means of lift.
It can have other means of lift, but the blades must be the obvious visual feature.

Helicopters can be anything from Realistic, to VTOL, to Quads, or anything within the spirit of a Helicopter.

Submissions will be closed on October 24th at 9:00 PM China Time.
"Ask for the world and you'll get nothing, ask for something achievable and you might actually get it." -Majyst

"Im a leaf on the Wind, Watch how I soar" - 'Wash' Washburne

"Exaggerating just pisses me off" -Majyst

"Shiny" -Captain Malcolm Reynolds

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