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Poll: Who is the winner?
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Fluffy Hollow by monklizard
6 10.71%
Gurren_Lagann by comrade green
0 0%
Hades by spookywagon
17 30.36%
Harshbarger by Normal69
0 0%
Mech-5 by Neldonax
0 0%
PKMecha Mk2 Cyclop by drewthedraw
1 1.79%
Seiryuu by Renthrak
18 32.14%
THOR by Albino
4 7.14%
Tigris Septum - Zoid Mech by Magma
10 17.86%
Total 56 vote(s) 100%
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"Mech" Voting

Alright, time for Voting!
Got 9 submissions, so I didnt cut any designs.

Voting will Last 7 days, October 23rd.

Top 9
Fluffy Hollow by monklizard
Gurren_Lagann by comrade green
Hades by spookywagon
Harshbarger by Normal69
Mech-5 by Neldonax
PKMecha Mk2 Cyclop by drewthedraw
Seiryuu by Renthrak
THOR by Albino
Tigris Septum - Zoid Mech by Magma

Fluffy Hollow by monklizard
+I cant identify any one part that jumps out as special, because everything on this jumps out as special. Guess take a closer look at the Helm, Arms, Backpack and Mounts Tail.
+Walkable Interior, all painted.

-Has a mysterious Drill Bit tumor inside its butt, purpose=unknown.
[Image: M7VmvO9.jpg]
[Image: IxrAFap.jpg]

Gurren_Lagann by comrade green
+Small mech, reminds me of a childhood toy
+The Head on this is nice, good combination of parts to express the Idea when working with a small design

-Rigid Body, nothing moves on it.
[Image: 2017-10-15_11_10_30.jpg]

Hades by spookywagon
+All 6 legs move
+Like a 6 Legged sumo wrestler, its a very intimidating looking design
+Smoke stacks coming off the back look great
+”Gears” on the shoulders look really cool, nice touch

-Shield over the back area that spews smoke looks weird, a physical vent of some sort would have looked better.
-Glorifies morbid Obesity

[Image: Screen_Shot_2017-10-15_at_23.48.49.png]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2017-10-15_at_23.57.35.png]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2017-10-15_at_23.46.30.png]

Harshbarger by Normal69

+Nice double Gattling cannon on the shoulder
-Lacks details to show the design as Mechanical.
[Image: 321E2522FC2CE52DFBE8C166EA78EDA1E849947D]

Mech-5 by Neldonax

+Spiky, looks like WF Tried to build a mech
+Cool little cockpit with wrap around windows. Great view from up there.

-I don't feel safe in that cockpit at all, is there a bullseye on my forehead?
[Image: UQ063Zf.jpg]
[Image: O9vhiDl.jpg]

PKMecha Mk2 Cyclop by drewthedraw
+It's so cute! I want to hug it, and pet it, and squeeze it, and name it fred!
-Barely qualifies as a Mech, its smallness prevents it from showing true identity.

[Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]
[Image: F88226631C4D2963C49DBEE4D83AAA7E52C00AC3]
[Image: 771C0A74F1F7999B7A0B253FC7D881D2A2EF3554]

Seiryuu by Renthrak

+Ballerina Angel Mech is absolutely astonishing
+Everything is awesome, but some standout features are the impressive wings stacked up on spin-blocks and light blocks. Head, Hands and Fingers are also very striking.
+Has an interesting Power core thing in the stomach, purely cosmetic. Not entirely sure what it is though.

-Rides around on a Romba. I tried to get it to vacuum up the dessert and it failed miserably.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47713]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47715]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47716]

THOR by Albino
+That torso with the 4 guns off the back is just impressive, really cool Profile
+double stacked Cockpit with the rooms/ interior behind it is really cool.

-The small lower body and Legs are somehow disturbing, like a side show performer at an old timey Circus.
[Image: DMLanAGV4AAqmBe.jpg]
[Image: DMLZRtZVwAEgB7z.jpg]

Tigris Septum - Zoid Mech by Magma
+Running gait on this is well timed and realistic.
+Great looking head, but the Ballista on the back is the best part. Such an odd and fun piece.

-Someone taped a missile turret to this poor mechs tail, very cruel. Now when its happy and wags its tail is destroys a city.
[Image: eSKyGY0.jpg]
[Image: 1GLX0fC.jpg]
[Image: wGvUAd7.png]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Harshbarger by Normal69.blueprint (Size: 96.19 KB / Downloads: 49)
.blueprint   Hades by spookywagon.blueprint (Size: 329.97 KB / Downloads: 57)
.blueprint   Fluffy Hollow by monklizard.blueprint (Size: 554.63 KB / Downloads: 53)
.blueprint   Gurren_Lagann by comrade green.blueprint (Size: 96.56 KB / Downloads: 53)
.blueprint   Mech-5 by Neldonax.blueprint (Size: 106.58 KB / Downloads: 51)
.blueprint   PKMecha Mk2 Cyclop by drewthedraw.blueprint (Size: 38.14 KB / Downloads: 49)
.blueprint   Seiryuu by Renthrak.blueprint (Size: 613.87 KB / Downloads: 51)
.blueprint   THOR by Albino.blueprint (Size: 164.2 KB / Downloads: 60)
.blueprint   Tigris Septum - Zoid Mech by Magma.blueprint (Size: 194.89 KB / Downloads: 51)
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