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I need some advice with post 2.0 laser build


I'm trying to build a fast and cheap ship (under 100k), what can kill a Bullwark with a laser by itself.

The base of the ship is mostly done and quite fast (70+ m/s), but it's not simple to design the laser system, because of the recent armor and other changes with 2.0, and there are almost no relevant, updated tutorials on the net.


For now, i have 32.2k engine power, and a bunch of batterys with an electric motor.
With 202k laser storage and 134 3m laser pumps, i have 10.1k pulsed dmg at the first shot (4Q system), with 34AP. During sustained fire, the dps goes down to about 5.7 .. 5.4k per shot.

That dps are not totaly bad, but the Bullwark's AI's are under the water line behind many layers of metal and heavy armor.
In current FTD, we can't have any affect on our ship's targeting system, so it will constantly aim the lasers to the directions of the AI's, while dealing absolutly no damange to the Bullwark's numerous weapons or sensors on the deck...

So what shoud i try to improve my laser system? I think more power will be needed first. And maybe converting some pumps to storage cavyties.
Is 34AP enough?

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I need some advice with post 2.0 laser build - by Kepsz - 2017-10-15, 10:24 AM

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