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Gear boxes on drive shafts

I would go for NACA profiles. Either some precalcuated ones with known Cl and Cd curves or you can feed NACA equations and get wing then it runs background simulation to determine it's coefficients curves. Unfortunately this solution takes at least few dozens of seconds to sweep through all parameters. Or you can ask player for requested optimal zone for alt and speed and then after up to few minutes your craft is ready to fly ;-)

Why not have a slider for wing type?
-One extreme: High lift per wing area. High drag
-Other extreme: Low drag per unit of lift. Low lift

Wing blocks could automatically share the same setting with all adjacent wing blocks.
Changing the wing profile could cost a few resources and some labor.
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PS: Please make all keys in FTD remappable. Remappable while in game would be even better.

Just spent today porting the steam engines into FS.

They are based on much more realistic principles now... using real world "steam tables" to chart the dependence between pressure, temperature, density and "enthalpy" (which is the energy required per kilogram of water to get the water to boiling point and then boil it- which depends on the pressure.

The various materials which are burnable in the boiler each have different energy/kg values so each produce steam at different rates.

The pressure of the boiler relates to the pressure in the piston and the correct equations for torque from the piston is used to add angular momentum to the dive shafts.

I've also changed the way boilers are done- so rather than just looking like an arbitrarily large tank they will come in preset different shapes and sizes and materials and will need to be stoked by crew and have their exhaust piped out (especially if being stoked with void stone ,which is toxic). They will also need water supplied to them, either being pumped to a pressure greater than the steam pressure, or with a "head of water" to provide the pressure.
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Sounds good. FtD steam engines would benefit greatly from these features as well, currently steam is definitely a bit shallow

(2017-10-17, 04:48 AM)Stinger10034 Wrote: Sounds good. FtD steam engines would benefit greatly from these features as well, currently steam is definitely a bit shallow

Same thought as above. Porting this principle to FtD could allow us to use fuel in steam engines for better burning.
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