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Fresh ideas needed for civilisations (or not!)

Less but more fleshed out factions (in a way that they are a more significant and for the player noticable part of the world they exist in), would work better since you are not going to add civilization like complexity to trade/relations.
Plus it would be easier to balance things out. You could still add more factions later once the core is working. For diversity there could be different divisions wich specialize in some way.
[Image: 9cb5bacc82.jpg]

Hmm a big empire which declare war on you if you doesn't became their vassal.
As a vassal you get periodic missions for them, as an enemy they will steamroll you.

A spy group, you can trade tech with them - if you won't they will steal tech from you and trade them with your current enemies.

A religious group which won't attack your bases where there are altars built.

A voidstone infected faction who gives you huge bonuses if you are with them, but has a chance to mutate all your units/people slowly.
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]

how about make the factions eu4-style: big factions, small factions, primitive factions, factions unioned together, expansive factions, defensive factions, but i'm only saying this is cause i sold my soul to eu4
[Image: 5f0379f4772b6d21b652eac2749a901a.jpg]

It'd be a bit of work but small factions that will work together as large nations sounds like the ideal option to me. You could have it so each small faction provides different resources to the large faction.

For example you could have a military faction and a merchant faction working together where the merchant force tithes a percentage of their income to the other faction/s and in exchange the military faction provides protection for the merchant convoys.

It would essentially make nations modular and quite diverse and if you included elements of internal national politics you could have unpredictable and dynamic events such as civil wars.

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