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Can anyone make this engine better?

Hey peeps,

Been messing around with engines trying to find a balance between area, total power, and efficiency to my taste.

So far my previous attempts have been very space inefficient so I wont post them even with the ridicules amount of ppf but little total power and its total power that I am looking for with little fuel usage.

The engine that I'm posting is 3 tied together as I believe this should be the total area I am able to allocate in my construct (lol didnt test that fully).

The blue pipes are all from cylinders collecting gas, Green is gas junction points from the other two engines. Yellow is the exit point from the last inline to the next engine setup. Red are the gasses from inlines to the next inline, green to red is the overall gas pipe to the 1st inline.

I am a little miffed having to send the long green exhaust the way I did making it all 1 block wider, which connects the last two engine setups to the first. I would have liked to have 3 exhausts from each cylinder and also 3 inline per carb .. My tetris sucks and in doing so that would end up making it a little too big I think. There is space just behind each engine generator to house fuel boxes, yet I left them out for easier viewing.

Please poke this engine, can anything be made to produce a higher max power, perhaps even smaller and which does not drink fuel, even this current setup I feel that its drinking far too much fuel for its max power (for running strong shields / props maybe a few jets) I doubt I would not want something that burns 10 fuel per second. Having said all this about fuel consumption. Iv normally run everything with RTG's or slap someone elses engine on, and that is not really teaching me much even just by viewing it, I would need to make it in order to learn.

Should I have gone with 3 carbs per engine setup rather than 6? I ask, as you may probably respond before I make it lol.

[Image: A37AE25FB4F1112624F5F01698C5FD496FD3658A]

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.blueprint   1200expandable.blueprint (Size: 52.51 KB / Downloads: 40)

I suspect you're trying too hard to keep all the sections separate and discrete, which is requiring a lot of extra exhaust routing, which lowers your power-per-block. In quite a few cases, once you've scavenged the initial batch of pistons, you don't need to worry about the rest of the pistons, and can include them as convenient. Might be worth trying. Check the carburetors - as long as each turbo is boosting by 3.93, it's giving you 100% of its potential.

Fuel efficiency-wise, 1288ppf is the maximum that a 2T (each carburetor has two turbos attached) fuel engine can reach, so if you want better, you'll likely need to start from scratch.
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So what you are saying is, create a first engine that would produce the 30gas to boost turbos by 3.93 as anything more than 30gas is "waste" attach this engine to an engine with carbs and in-lines without focusing on this new engines pistons gas's/exhausts and only two inlines per carb? I did create another engine last night before reading your post.
The length of this engine produces 9600 total power.

[Image: 3EC5EEF36490DE899736DDC4968B27065324E5CB]

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.blueprint   niceEngLook.blueprint (Size: 84.06 KB / Downloads: 31)

Remember engines running at lower RPM won't produce as much exhaust - in a real-world installation you probably aren't going to have it running flat out constantly.
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I had thought that I would hit its max with shields leaving about 5% or something (donno yet) for any ammo producers.
Btw a question. If I was to create some form of engine to only create the 30gas and then have another repeatable setup for producing the energy/power.. does that make any sense ?

It's worth trying for lowish power ranges I guess, a reasonable size engine ( 15k blueline type for instance ) won't have much trouble producing enough gas though. If you play with the response & ramp times of multiple engines you can get them to vaguely run up in sequence, it's not exactly precise unfortunately unless you use battery charge as a trigger.
Poke my boat! mostly pre-2.0 learning & catalogue thread - Update: Heavy & light tanks 07/04/18 for 2.1. 6 ships made 2.0 aware. No more post-processing! finally! but now I can't read the forum.

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