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New developer

Hello everyone

I'm delighted to announce that Gladyon is joining the dev team. He has a stellar track record for delivering killer mods, finding ways to speed up the code and find bugs.

He'll be starting off by adding many of the under the hood features from Forgotten Shores back into From the Depths- which will include the ability to place turrets on turrets and spin blocks on spin blocks etc.

So please join me in welcoming Gladyon to the team Smile
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I had thought he's already asked and declined.
We can expect technical improvement.

How predictable, i was expecting that you will make a good use of his talent

Hooray for more features !
Hooray for faster development !
Hooray for more optimization !

Welcome to the team.
Check out the FTD Discord;

\o/ \o/
Poke my boat! mostly pre-2.0 learning & catalogue thread - Update: Heavy & light tanks 07/04/18 for 2.1. 6 ships made 2.0 aware. No more post-processing! finally! but now I can't read the forum.

Congrats Gladyon, looking forward to working with you.
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Cheers to Gladyon! Looks like we're going to see a lot of features introduced into vanilla FtD.
[Image: 50157_s.png]
[Image: 50157_v.png]

Congrats Gladyon!

Good luck Gladyon Smile
There is no reason in being a adult if you can't be childish -Nerdcubed

Good luck! Keep up all the good work, everybody!

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