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Rules not followed?

Okay building my new F4U-Corsair for DW game play and building to to follow the rules listed except the other planes do not follow such rules.

Example rules: "Ammo
Ammo is diffrent per faction for 20mm cannon and up.
Under 20mm AP, Solid, Cart up to 4 customisers
20mm +
USA, Brits, Italy, Japs, Russia and minor factions: AP,Solid,He, Cart up to 4 customisers

Germany: AP,Solid,Flak, Cart up to 4 customisers"

Fw190 German plane uses Frag heads which are considerably more powerful than any ap capped solid/heat body or flak round.

I am assuming Lua seeing as planes are using it.

Fuel: "Fuel - why so much?
20 minutes of game-plays worth of fuel is the maximum, nothing more. We have a special engine and super easy formula to use."

at 0.5 fuel a sec the FW190 will be up with 8k fuel for only 266mins, just a tad over 20mins and guess part about armor beams on fighters not followed either.

So i guess what i am trying to get at is, are the building requirements just a free for all now on the fighters?

Edit: Just as a side note I know it looks like i am picking on the Fw190 but most of the fighters seem to deviate from the posted building guides, i just use the Fw190 the most because it seems least likely to keep fleeing, and is most aggressive dog fighter.

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