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F-22 Raptor

"The F-22 is the world’s most dominant fighter, but potential adversaries continue to develop capabilities intended to challenge the ability of U.S. and allied air forces to gain and maintain air superiority. With that in mind, Lockheed Martin is dedicated to working with the U.S. Air Force on a robust F-22 combat enhancement program to bolster the Raptor’s asymmetric advantage over current and potential adversaries. The capabilities of the F-22 Raptor remain essential to deter and defeat threats and ensure regional and global security well into the future." (

Today I present you with my second Jet release that I have been working on, the F-22 Raptor. The jet in relations to its real world counter part has been modified to make it competitive/balanced with Neter content and my not be accurate to the its real world counterpart.

This F-22Raptor will handle any threat you throw it at, keep in mind that means reasonable match ups not placing it against the Bulwark but it will handle nearly all the aircraft in the game, will be testing against lighting hood to verify its integrity against laser based vehicles. Update: Do not expect it to shine 1v1 with the best of the lighting hoods air craft.

New "F-22 Small Showcase" edition. This jet is an attempt at making a to scale model of the F-22 Raptor and for cosmetic reasons only misses this mark by 2 meters in length and 2 meters in width. This jet also show cases some of my latest work with the "Fighter Jet Improvements" mod. New 360 camera with glass Canopy. Some additional wing trim blocks. And of course the small custom jets. And Much more to come.

RP 2753
Dimension: LWH 22x16x3
Top speed 130m/s with 20mins of flight time.
Each jet produces 16k thrust.
Build: No spin blocked wings, no spin block stacking, no cheese. Only spin blocked vertical tails but they server no maneuvering purpose out side of looks.

Armaments, currently 2x6block high speed air to air missiles. Wing attachments for missiles are under way.

Will handle any of the smaller craft but currently Falcon gives it a hard time because it just keeps running away, might need to set your sensors to 1.0 or falcon has a hard time seeing this plane.

Mod can be found here and you will need it if you want this plan to function.


The Newest Version of the F-22Raptor now features better role diversity without load out changes, Better Dog fighting and missile avoidance, and better stealth, the stealth is so good in fact that you will have problems with fast jets like falcon losing you and running off into oblivion, which can get annoying and I suggest in campaign if this happens simply set detection to 0.01 which will give each other awareness and direction but not position.

RP 3540
Dimensions L23 W14 H 4
Max Speed 104 m/s Operational height up to 650m (can operate alright at 850 but is not currently set for operating at those altitudes).
Heat: 309m off back 105 every where else.
Visual: F998m B1015m S3052m T/U 6458
Radar: F211m B268m S281m T/U 816m
Lua Ai: Madwand
Armaments: 4x3-block bombs for anti navel with 3 explosive warheads each. Cheap and effective located in belly bay.
2X5-block Missiles for Anti Air unites, these missiles pack very little punch and are intended for taking our engines/propulsion systems on fast planes. They can easily be retrofitted to doing heavy damage but keep in mind they will not catch planes over 100m/s.

In the current configuration the jet is setup as multi-role and meant to be a supportive fighter to the Grumman B-2 Spirit or any heavy hitter, while also being a reliable skirmisher to intercept fast craft. Also, dirt cheap for the performance and what your getting unlike the real world counterpart.

Currently handles things like the Falcon very reliably mean while packing enough anti navel that ships around size of Marauder with not be a problem, but keep in mind that it may take a while seeing as how much air gaps and exterior layers you need to break through, hence send with a bomber for large targets.

Old BP
F-22 RaptorLarge

Dimensions L33 W25 H4
RP 5134
Max Speed 142m/s
Flight time around 2hrs.
Armaments 4x10block missiles.
Stealth Properties,
Camera range frontal 1.6km
Radar 454m
Heat Front 141, Rear 402.
Missile Range: Long range missile setup 2-2.5km strike range.
Anti Air 1.0-1.8km.
Lua Ai: Madwand

**Update 10/18/2017: Added new version of the F-22RaptorSmall, once prototype is debugged and proven it will replace current F-22Raptor. Added Flares to small jet.

**Update 10/19/17: The current F-22Raptor has been replaced, you will still have it below but as F-22RaptorLarge. The F-22RaptorSmall has been chosen as the replacement. The new F-22Raptor has also been greatly improved upon since its prototype stage to now having both belly bay missiles and side bay missiles to more closely resemble real world counter part. Note exact position of these are not accurate.

**Update 06/12/18: Added New Show Case Raptor for Fighter Jet Improvement Mod found here:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.blueprint   F-22Raptor.blueprint (Size: 78.18 KB / Downloads: 73)
.blueprint   F-22RaptorLarge.blueprint (Size: 92.22 KB / Downloads: 57)
.blueprint   F-22 Small Showcase.blueprint (Size: 50.78 KB / Downloads: 15)

Until i can figure a way to make the spinblocks turn faster this BP is on hold. Directional thrust is not responsive enough on such an agile fighter to keep up and results in some very bizarre flight. Will update if I find a solution.

Oh this is pretty nice aesthetics wise! I see F-22's flying overhead all the time, since I live right next to an air force base (J-BER). Hope to see more crafts from you!

I am still working on the directional thrust, sadly the final F-22 maybe another 25% larger than current in order to replace huge jets (stacked) with costumes.

The F-22 Raptor is back on the drawing board now that I am using Madwands Lua to control the directional thrust thus making the jet fully functional at the larger size. In current state it can take on Malestrom 1v1 at only 17.6k resource count however needs to still be debugged. Examples of problems is top side wing causes unbalanced drag sometimes resulting in being a rocket man flying to the moon.

P.S. That Muldoon best get done this fall, no way they are dragging it out another year, hehe.

New F-22RaptorSmall Variant for early game play, check out the specs in the main post, think you will all find this jet very useful.

Edit: Just realized the incredible stealth properties cause some problems when you only go 92m/s.........catching the enemy planes that just keep flying off in a straight line lol.

Added the new F-22RaptorSmall rebuild, should perform better while also looking better, yes still ugly coloring but I see little reason in doing fancy stuff until i am done rebuilding the jet. Also I will see if i can add a poll to see which version players prefer for neter campaign use and that will be the one that will continually get worked on.

Can I use this for my aircraft carrier? I will give you the credit you want


@GronScott I made some changes to the original design to further increase performance, if you want landing gear just let me know i will look into updating the design for carrier based take off (from decks). For the rest of you, pls enjoy my latest update and provide feedback on what you like/dislike about the design.

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