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MOOOOAR Simple weapons would be nice.

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I haven't thought of too many,maybe others have,but i would like more simple weapons in game so starter players can not have to worry about figuring out cram right away. The few I've thought of are:
A firework cannon-which will be a tiny missile launcher that can fly about 500 meters,and then explode with random colors,it wouldn't be able to guide itself,just fly straight and explode.
A grenade launcher- this will shoot a small green ball,basically like the player grenade launcher but flies farther away/shoot faster.
A depth cannon- Charges up and fires,but goes straight if underwater,making cool underwater cannons for subs that can shoot up at ships.
A Giga ball cannon- normal (kinda) cannon that's 2 blocks wide,3 length,and 2 tall,and would behave same as small and large cannon,but would be giant version.
Finally A simple weapon variant of the player shotgun would be pretty cool,for close range damage.
Well,I thought of few more writing this so maybe not just a few anymore,but hope u like the current ones Big Grin

Another Idea is something like a ballista. A hwacha would be pretty cool too, along with any other modern variants of medieval weaponry.

After cataclysm. Get it.

I think some medieval weaponry would be cool. Sail boats with Catapults and Trebuchets... The game Besiege comes to mind. Tongue

Medieval weaponry would be pretty great, yes. There is an acute shortage of any of that aside from the ram and, I suppose, certain simple and direct-feed cannon designs in the game as is.

Simple particle cannons that lock to EMP would be nice, if only so that I can make a super battleship that broadsides with simple weapons of all types.
As the username suggests, I am obsessed with versatility. Lots of missiles and advanced cannons for weapons, prefabs for most functions to be put in 'slots' and the actual big ships and tanks being just blocks made to go slightly under 30 m/s surrounded by hulks made of subvehicles.

I sappose some sorta variation of the ram would be really cool,like different elements?
Im meaning as if it touches metal and breaks it it would cause fragments like the squash heads,or...emp even,bassically a shock enduced ram that would charge up when not touching something and when it touches it would release the emp until it stops touching and it would charge up again,buuut...would require electricity to charge?

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