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Assault core MK1 - 100k power fuel engine

I made a similar Engine way back but it was only at 80k and i really wanted to make one at 100k, but did not know how to untill know.
The thing eats 600 fuel every second under max load.
Im not yet sure if it can handle a max load but 80k is fine i guess.

I would really like to if see someone can improve on this thing because it woud be interesting to see what a better version could achieve.
Steam Engines have been known to grind fuel Engines face-first in the dirt in terms of Power, but what happens when you take fuel Engines to the extreme? Tongue

[Image: V7CNVqt.jpg]

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.blueprint   Assault Core MK1.blueprint (Size: 144.92 KB / Downloads: 49)
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Assault core MK1 - 100k power fuel engine - by Char_charodon - 2017-09-09, 09:54 PM

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