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[DWG] Angry Chicken Replacement request

Had a discussion in Discord and I was convinced that the Iconic Angry Chicken is just too dated and too much of a mess to keep around.
So, im replacing it.

Replacement does not need to be chicken related, and will get a new name.

This design must be for "Pirate Lord Riker".
This is one of the lesser known Lords (because no one likes to build for him)

He is a Crazed Junkyard inventor, taking trash to make massive sculptures that have been weaponized.
So, this new design can be inspired by animals, or just really strange.

Flying Squirrel
Coffin Nail
Casket Bolt
Sky Viper

Typical DWG restrictions Apply
"Ask for the world and you'll get nothing, ask for something achievable and you might actually get it." -Majyst

"Im a leaf on the Wind, Watch how I soar" - 'Wash' Washburne

"Exaggerating just pisses me off" -Majyst

"Shiny" -Captain Malcolm Reynolds

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[DWG] Angry Chicken Replacement request - by majyst - 2017-09-05, 04:37 AM

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