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Frigate Fracas (Cancelled)

Please read the rules in their entirety. Thanks!

Base Rules
-Maximum materials – 60,000

-Centralized resources will be used so storage containers are not necessary. Each entry will be given 6,000 materials for the manufacture of ammunition and to repair itself.

-Maximum vehicles per blueprint – 1

-Maximum entries per person -1

-The map will feature no land masses, only open ocean.

-No excessive clipping. There are two major things that constitute excessive clipping:
1. Placing a block on a spinblock that occupies the same space as another block, thereby compressing multiple blocks into a single space.
2. If the rotation of a turret or spinblock causes a block mounted on it to clip through another sub-object that it would not be able to pass were it mounted on the hull instead of a turret/spinblock. This is mainly aimed at barrels passing through the turret caps/firing pieces of other turrets, but is not limited to that situation alone.

-Boat propellers, both small and huge, are the only allowable form of locomotion. They may only be placed facing rearward.

-Rudders are the only allowed maneuvering block, though using ACBs to create differential thrust is fine. They must be placed vertically.

-Speed is limited to a maximum of 30 m/s while sailing in a straight line.

-No exploits. An exploit is considered anything that causes a vehicle to function in a way that was obviously not intended by the game mechanics. This includes (but is not limited to) things like putting detection on a spin-block inside the hull so it is protected yet can see out as well as putting props/rudders inside the hull but leaving the appropriate amount of space behind them so they fully function despite having no external access. If you think what you're doing is cheesy, you should tone it down.

-If I determine, at my sole discretion, that your vehicle will not be fun to watch fight for any reason (including but not limited too: Too much cheese, too weak, or even too overwhelmingly powerful), it will not be accepted. Do not ask for definitions on this rule as it is entirely subjective on my part.

-Vehicles must be able to destroy themselves in a 10 minute fight. When you send me your vehicle, I will put two of them on opposing teams and let them battle it out. If both of them survive until the end consistently, the entry will not be accepted.

-The turn rate of the vessel may not be excessive. If your vehicle turns so fast for its speed that the motion is jerky, twitchy, or otherwise not smooth in nature it will not be accepted.

-Entries will be spawned in facing one another at 1500m. The use of a spawn stick to alter the orientation your vehicle spawns at is allowed, but you must set it up in such a way that collision lag does not occur on spawn and it must not significantly alter the range at which the vehicle enters the battle.

-Automatic detection will be set to 0.90, so the use of detection equipment is highly recommended.

-Maximum range is 1500m while the altitude limits are +10m and -10m. Exceeding these limits will result in gaining disqualification time. If you reach 60 seconds of DQ time, your vessel will explode in a nuclear inferno and lose the match. This is handled by Wootness's Tournament Mod.

-Ships must be constructed with some degree of symmetry. The vessel does not need to be a mirror image, but if you have 6 primary guns, 12 secondaries, and 3m of metal armor on the port side then I expect 6 primary guns, 12 secondaries, and 3m of metal armor on the starboard side as well.

-Vessels with all/the majority of their guns mounted on the bow/stern (aka forward/rear broadsiders) will not be accepted.

Armament Rules

-This tournament will feature the opportunity to have a primary and secondary weapon system, each with different rules and restrictions. Any weapon type not listed below is banned for use as a weapon.

-Primary Armament
--Must be cram cannons
--May be mounted spinally
--Must be mounted on a turret (no fixed guns)
--Maximum of 4 turrets
--Minimum gauge of 1500mm
--EMP rounds are banned
--Inertial Fuses are banned
--Must be a primary weapon system. If it is clear that a vessel's secondaries have a destructive potential greater than or equal to the primaries, the entry will be rejected. This includes (but is not limited to) spamming cheap, ineffective primary weaponry to increase your secondary weapon limit (see below).

-Secondary Armament
--May be APS/advanced cannons or cram cannons
---If using crams as secondaries, the maximum gauge is 1200mm
----Inertial fuses are also banned for CRAM secondaries
---APS/advanced cannon restrictions:
----The use of magazines and autoloaders are required. Direct feeding the firing piece/autoloader is allowed, but it may not be the sole method through which the weapon is loaded.
----Autoloaders and magazines may not be larger than 3m
----The firing rate in the firing piece's "Q" menu must be set to 20 RPM or less. Your gun having an RPM of less than 20 is not sufficient. The firing piece MUST be set to 20 RPM or less regardless of what the actual rate of fire for the weapon is.
--May not be mounted spinally or en-echelon. Must have a port and starboard version with a maximum of ~180 degree firing arc. Port weapons should not be able to fire on starboard targets and vice versa. If a secondary shell crosses the centerline of the ship it is mounted on, the vessel will not be accepted.
--You may have up to 2 secondary firing pieces per primary firing piece on the vessel
--Must not cause even a single projectile to despawn during the 10 minute battle test
--Railguns are banned
--The following shell components are the only ones allowed for use in APS/advanced cannons. All others are banned:

----Gunpowder casing

---Shell Rear Only
----Base Bleeder
----Supercavitation Base
----Visible Tracer

---Shell Middle
----Sabot warhead body
----Stabiliser fin body
----Solid warhead body
----HE warhead body
----Frag warhead body
----Flak warhead
----Smoke warhead
----Altitude fuse
----Timed fuse
----Penetration depth fuse
----Proximity fuse

---Shell Nose Only
----Composite Head
----AP capped head
----Squash Head
----Flak Head
----HE Head
----Frag Head
----Skimmer Tip
----Hollowpoint Head
----Shaped Charge Head
----Sabot Head

Ban List – Anything listed here is not allowed to be present in the blueprint for any reason, even for aesthetics. If it is NOT listed here it may be used for aesthetics or in the case of banned weapons (missiles, lasers, PACs, etc), they may be used so long as they are not capable of dealing damage.
-Any old blocks that are not currently placeable
-Jets, dediblades, paddles, sails, hydrofoils, jet stabilizers, ion engines, warp drives, and any other method of maneuvering or propulsion I may have missed that are not propellers or rudders
-Repair Tentacles
-Helium Pumps
-Docking Stations
-Aimpoint Selection Card


You have been warned. Please read the rules carefully from start to finish as I will have 0 tolerance on this matter.

Battle Format

-Each match is best of 3

-Each battle will be a maximum of 10 minutes long

-A 5% difference in HP is required to declare a victor. If the 10 minute time limit expires and this requirement is not met, the battle is a draw.

--If the match is a tie going into its third battle, the 5% rule will be suspended as a definite victory and defeat must be declared for each match.

Tournament Format

-This tournament will be using a similar but modified version of the Battleship Brawl S3's format. As before, there will be an active field of 10 participants. The waiting queue begins with the 11th vehicle in line. This ordering will be randomly generated.

--The vehicle at the top of the list is the Active Combatant. Videos will always feature the Active Combatant at the time. The AC begins its run by battling the second vehicle in the active field. Then it battles the third, then the fourth, then the fifth. So on and so forth until it either manages to accumulate a total of 7 wins or 3 losses, whichever comes first. This means a vehicle can be retired before it gets the opportunity to become the Active Combatant and that no two vehicles will fight each other more than once.

--Upon winning its 7th match, a vehicle is retired into the Hall of Champions.

--Upon losing its 3rd match, a vehicle has Fallen and is retired with no honors or inductions.

--No matter which way a vehicle is retired, a Hall of Beauty vote will be held in the comments of the video where the vehicle retires. There will be one comment saying to induct the entry into the Hall of Beauty and one saying do not induct. Upvote the comment you agree with most. If 80% of a vehicle's votes are yes, it is inducted into the Hall of Beauty.

--If a vehicle is inducted into both the Hall of Champions and the Hall of Beauty, it also enters the Hall of Fame and gets automatic entrance into the post season.

-When a vehicle retires, it is removed from the active field and the remaining vessels shift upward in the list by one. This includes adding the entry at the top of the waiting queue to the active field.

Post Season

-Once all vehicles have been retired, the post season begins. All Hall of Famers receive automatic entry into the Playoffs, but the Champions must fight for the right to enter.

--The top 8 Champions by Hall of Beauty vote will be entered into the Champion's Qualifier, a single elimination bracket tournament. The winner of the Qualifier will be added to the Playoffs alongside the Hall of Famers with the caveat that it may /not/ receive a bye.
-Both the Qualifier and the Playoffs will run best of 3 matches as usual and will be single elimination. The last vessel standing is the Grand Champion!


PLEASE include your name in the blueprint's filename, such as Manticore by Menti. It makes it much easier for me to keep things organized and thus prevents me from missing someone.

-Submissions may be sent to me via forum PM (you'll need to upload to an external, 3rd party hosting service like dropbox and provide me the link), Discord PM (I'm Menti#4547), or via e-mail at with the subject "(your name here)'s entry for the Frigate Fracas" or something along those lines. Like everyone else, I get plenty of spam e-mails. If your subject is just something like "Hi there!" I'm likely to assume it is spam and not open it.

-Submissions are due by 1 PM eastern time on Friday, September 15th.

Approved Submissions

Reiterpallasch by Karnivool
Daemon by Kaonicping
The Dart by Ender
Mellisa by Obscure
Kawai neko junyokan by Gaming19
HMS Fun-Key Reloaded by Char_Charodon
LessIsMore by LoSBoccacc
Manstein by Jinxy
Frigate Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevew Ugwemuhwem Osas by SPD
Nibbler by Anickle
USS David by Tomson
USS Ovando by Greyfell
Hollow Snake by Rotekian
Loathing by Skyrocz
Uss Spectral by Dountoun
Kovenant by Qwert26
SCE Iron Odysseus by Coneezean Emperor
ACR-15 Jefferson by ferram4
AlienDiplomaticAssault by harnas1977
BC27 Unmitigated Disaster by NutterChap
FF-02 Papel by AdNecrias
Junyobokan Matsuwa by Early Frost
Kivi by Shot (by) Gun
The Little Curse of Oyashiro-sama by TheBrisbyMouse
The Swanson v2 by Kreuz
Tiny Tim by Void
TNS Seaspray by TheShadowKick
USS Iron Sides by 219thlegion
SS Willhelm by Awellner
FireZePotatoCannons by Xanderzoo
No Ragrets by T3hJimmer
Zenith Class Patrol Boat by Tryptic
Protostar by DeltaForce

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