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Tortuga+early game=total DWG domination

Hello people at the DWG, I have a concern. I've recently got into a new campaign with a friend and started out with the basic stuff. We have waited a bit to prepare and have won a few battles. However, we ran into a problem. A Tortuga comes out of nowhere. This isn't the first time I have fought this. I actually have lost 2 times against this monstrosity with 2 other friends, and has caused us to ragequit because, we essentially lost the game. All I ask is that you change the spawn time for the tortuga for at least 5-6 hours, as that is the time some people reach the fishing hole. My problem is that it costs way too much, its CRAMs are way too deadly for our flimsy starter craft, and the planes are too annoyinga and there are too many of them. It makes the game unplayable for new people and mildly experienced people.
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Tortuga+early game=total DWG domination - by Prosparkour - 2017-09-02, 05:04 AM

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