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SS - Siegebreaker - Heavy Assault Tank

A somewhat more-combat-worthy and less-copyright-infringing variant of the Baneblade, this tank is actually designed for a modded faction named The Regiment, who primarily use mechanized forces--tanks, hovercraft, quadcopters, and amphibious vehicles. I'm submitting it for the SS, since it fits their design ethos the best, but other Regiment vehicles will likely fit better in other factions. Though they prefer surface vehicles and durable quadcopters, the Regiment has no qualms about using any and every type of available weapons and defensive measures.

The Siegebreaker is a nightmare for lightly-armored foes, stationary foes, and in general things that can't get out of the way. It mounts a powerful double-barreled explosive + armor-piercing turret, a mortar firing explosive + armor-piercing shells that would shame Big Bertha, a double-barreled light explosive cannon on each side, 6 laser-guided frag missiles reaching out to 1400m, and 6 IR missiles set to attack random blocks. With this arsenal, the Siegebreaker is perfectly capable of shredding anything that gets in its path (or, for that matter, near its path).


The Siegebreaker is capable of traversing a wide range of terrain, and will happily operate underwater. While its cannonfire isn't effective beyond a few hundred meters when submerged, its missiles will quite happily obliterate targets until the Siegebreaker gets within range of its main cannons.


Once within range, the Siegebreaker can unleash an incredible amount of firepower. The front mortar alone is more than capable of destroying most ships, while the main turret is configured to be able to effectively engage aircraft and surface vehicles alike.

The main weakness of the Siegebreaker is simply time. While it has significant ammunition reserves, it can't fire for extended periods of time without simply running dry, and its ammunition processing isn't sufficient to keep up with both its missiles and main cannons. Additionally, the Siegebreaker is unshielded aside from its heavy armor--a powerful cannon will find little difficulty in disabling or destroying it entirely.

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