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Heresy's Stubby guns, Tons of Fun Tournament (Finished)

Heresy has asked me to host this tournament, the idea behind it is to make lovely cute designs... which then brutally explode each other...

Not a terribly serious tournament, as all ships are to be armed with a stubby high gauge weapon. Inaccuracy will be very high, and so a fair amount of randomness to the results is to be expected. Saying that, anything too overpowered may be rejected or just DQed

As a couple of examples of designs this tournament is looking for:

[Image: BNd7ZHu.jpg]

[Image: pIRtnF5.jpg]

Pro-pain map by T3hjimmer

Tournament creator by w0otness

Smallest dimension should be more than half of the largest. Stubby and cute designs only! (Not set in stone ruling but it must be cute to pass)
Painted in soft cute pastel colours
Designs should be cute and cuddly! And make people go "Daawwwwwwww isn't that cute"
Block pixel art is encouraged

No submarines (even if they are cute)
Cute Boats, cute hovers or chibi mechs only
No subspawns (mech torsos allowed, but no tentacle shenanigans)
Max speed is 20m/s

No lasers
No missiles
No shields
No Lua
No railguns
No Warpdrives
No spinning death blades (they are not cute)
No repair tentacles

Only accepted weapon is:
CRAM 1500-2000mm
APS 500mm
- NB: This is a fun creative tournament, keep this in mind with weapons used. Anything overpowered and crazy may get rejected.

Only round type are HE, APHE or fused HE (ie no HEAT, HESH, Gravram, emp, frag. But HE, fuses, fins, tracers and kinetics allowed.)
Only a single gun/firing piece (either CRAM or APS)
Maximum 2m barrel allowed (so if mantlet used, it's mantlet and 1m more barrel)
Max 4 rudders (to prevent crazy janky movement)

Mod settings:
Spawn distance is 750m apart, Facing and at sea level
Vehicles will be disqualified if they flee too far away from the fight, handled by w0otness's mod. Timer is 60 seconds
Max distance is 1500m
Min depth is -10m
Max altitude is 50m

20k material for your blueprint
2k material given to each player during the battle for ammo, steam and repairs.
No salvaging is in effect
Detection is not required, set to 0.99
Only 1 submission per player

10min battles, if no clear winner, health remaining will determine the victor.

Tournament layout:
Dependant upon number of applicants though want to do a double elimination setup, so we can see the cutness more often!

Whole of September, final deadline is October 1st!

Please include your name in the Blueprint
Send final designs direct PM or email aner.dyfan @ please include "Cute Boat" into the title so I can search for it.
If you do post your design here, ensure there is only 1 otherwise the wrong one may be taken.

Submissions are now closed, tournament layout can be seen here:

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Heresy's Stubby guns, Tons of Fun Tournament (Finished) - by Aner-Dyfan - 2017-08-29, 10:24 PM

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