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More enemy data

I joined this site solely to request some more in depth data about the enemies. Or alternately access to whatever information the sensors are getting. I have designed a system that uses a dummy missile hooked up with an infrared sensor so that it could target and identify for the code what part of the enemy is hot. I can see the data when i check the sensors! I can see it! Please get some lua access to that data. I program robots for a hobby and for money and this game is about as close to my passion as I have ever found. Thanks for making it.

I'm not sure whether you mean adding more functions for data retrieval from AI, but when I started programming in LUA for this game the most helpful thing was the help tab of the lua box. It has all the function calls and "moderate" explanation of usage. There are some hidden function calls you are allowed to make... you would have to dig through other peoples code and the forum to find them.

Quote: for targetIndex=0,I:GetNumberOfTargets(controllingMainframe) do
otherInfo = I:GetTargetInfo(controllingMainframe, targetIndex)
situation = {} = I:GetConstructCenterOfMass()
situation.targetPosition = otherInfo.AimPointPosition
situation.targetVelocity = otherInfo.Velocity
situation.targetDirection = situation.targetPosition -

situation.separation = (situation.targetDirection + situation.targetVelocity - I:GetVelocityVector()).magnitude


this get you a situation object for each target with the data as read from the sensor filtered by the sensor setup, including enemy center of mass, aimed block, velocity and direction
gets high on math

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