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Energy / engine power prioritazation

I rely on steam engines a lot now, since they are pretty amazing. But the drawback is that my ships, planes, some tanks etc don't have any power to start of with.
I suggest that we allow power prioritization, so that you can decide where to use all the power you have at that moment. Lets say you have a shielded airship. You have to power shields, engines, a few spin blocks, load cannons, produce ammo etc.
Of course you want to power your shields first, then the engines, then use the engines to power your ammo processors. I think this will allow other ships to perform better as well.

Currently I'm working on a laser fighter jet, but when the cannon fires it cant steer anymore due to not having enough power. So you give priority to the steering thrusters and use the remaining power for the laser system. Tell me what you guys think, since I think that this is a very good idea

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Energy / engine power prioritazation - by ThatOtherGuy - 2017-08-25, 06:40 PM

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