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My Thoughts on a Research System

In my mind, the best way would be to make certain things, lasers, custom jets, shields, ion thrusters, large props and large jets, PACs, 2+ meter racks and loaders, smoke, LUA blocks, complex controllers, PIDs, maybe ACBs, etc unavailable until you reach either a certain level, or progression in the campaign. Maybe, once you take the first resource zone off the DWG OR reach level 5, you unlock a few components. After that, maybe you need to capture 10 tiles of the DWG's territory OR reach level 10. Then maybe you need to have a certain amount of materials total (including ship costs) to unlock the next thing. And by the end of the OW or maybe even DWG, you would unlock everything. Each destruction of a factions main base could also grant a bigger research item (say, the whole lasers tab for the DWG) and a large amount of resources, in addition to the amount you simply get from destroying the fortress. You could also get a lesser amount of resources from the other unit producing fortresses.

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