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That incredible muzzle flash (Hot Patched already =D )

EDIT Ok basically fixed now. In the space of time it took for me to create this post then make a small video on it the issue's been patched away... I'm more than a little impressed =)

Firstly I love the new cannon effects even though they look almost too fancy and HD for FTD but I am finding them a little overwhelming. Anyone else?

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Oh also this is the default boat in the vehicle designer without being modified in anyway. This is normal at the moment right?

I believe that this is a bug, I've experienced it before where the muzzle flash will go absolutely ham. Not sure how to replicate it to get a photo so I haven't raised the issue yet.
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Mmmm ok interesting. It's super consistant for me, but perhaps it's a Linux related bug. I'll have to try installing FTD to windows and see what the starter boat is like there, and take some screen shots =)

Well here's a small video I spent far to much time on demonstrating the difference. There's definitely a noticeable difference between the two versions. Hopefully it can get fixed soonish. If there's anyone else running on Linux that either has or doesn't have this issue I'd love to know if it's just me or not.


Just after I posted this there was a patch to FTD which has shrunk the fireball on the Linux version to be on par with the Windows one. There's still quite an inky blackness to the smoke, but I kinda like that, it feels a little evil >XD

Edit 2: Also this patch fixed an annoying screenshot bug that I'd only recently noticed. I'm a very happy chappy today =D

I can do you one better. This is from my quintuple 402mm cannon firing. (This is from a few days ago)[Image: 428279A583ADD9386D6CF53970325918100FC2AA]

Oh wow :O That's truly frightening, but in a good way XD Although still too much lol.

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