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The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

[Image: 300px-Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svg.png]

Leader Premier Georgy Zhukov

Location Region 20,21

Assuming power following the death of Joseph Stalin, Georgy Zhukov has assumed the responsibility of reunifying the Slavic peoples under the Soviet Banner. Aware of the threats around the globe to Communism, as well as internal threats from various political opponents, Premier Zhukov is eager to keep the russian people busy working. Through hard work and industrialization, Zhukov will push the people past the political games of his opponents and into a glorious future.

Due to his history within the Soviet Cavalry divisions, Zhukov's primary focus is on the USSR's ground forces, despite some concerns over the power of aircraft in recent years. Despite the potential of heavy aircraft and bombers, Zhukov is insistent that Russia cannot be whole again with aircraft alone.

For the moment a majority of the party's leaders and commissars are either political officers that Zhukov personally trusts, or military leaders that Zhukov knows will put the nation ahead of their own personal gain.

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