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Quark Heavy Cruiser

I built this before 2.0 was a thing, in anticipation of 2.0's changes. It was an attempt at creating a serious bote-to-bote slam jam contender, with the original goal of being relatively cheap. It was, however, fitted with turret style PAC instead of APS, and as such the cost skyrocketed. It will cost you the same as a much, much larger battleship, and be only really useful versus surface targets, but it will blow the **** out of whatever it's pointed at.

[Image: unknown.png?width=960&height=540]

[Image: unknown.png?width=960&height=540]

-3x ~1500 pipe Particle Accelerator Cannons. Each tube is about 325 blocks long. It's geared towards being more of a long range cannon currently, but it could definitely do the opposite.

-2x CIWS/AA cannons there to provide some light AA more than anything. Fires in 5 round bursts.

-AC Bofors scattered about the ship to provide some additional firepower.

-Underslung torpedo rack at the fore of the ship on the underside.

-Gratuitous missile spam to kill whatever the PAC cannot.

-Two layers of shielding.
-4Q LAMS with a lot of nodes for maximum hit chance.

It'll run you about 434750 resources. PACs are really, really expensive, the lack of 4m tubes also means it has a rediculous block count despite only being 110 meters long.

It can't kill the Thyr, it'll try, but unless it spawns facing broadside to the Thyr it will not kill it prior to being killed. So it's basically a waste of resources, but it looks pretty Lamb cool bzorping things, and it will absolutely spaghetti on DWG/OW or the surface targets of most other factions.

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.blueprint   Quark Heavy Cruiser.blueprint (Size: 706.18 KB / Downloads: 23)


any mods and how many blocks.
When i tried to spawn this in i get a little lag spike then nothing and when i quit the designer i get an error.

Needs After Cataclysm for the bofors deck guns.

I really like the way that superstructure's done; it probably looks really cool looking down from there.
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[Image: PvyBq7R.gif]

Not having the correct mods installed for all the blocks shouldn't cause issues like that, it should just replace the blocks with wood blocks. You're problem must be something else.
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