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Fuel/steam engine disintegration anti balistics high-heat shields

This is a shield variant that seeks to reward engines with good heat disipation.

The bigger the shield the more heat is required to fill up the volume.
You simply direct the engine exhausts and connect them to one of the blocks that form the heat shield in order to start the process.
the design of the shield blocks i can not really figure out a good layout for but i bet you get the general idea.

Engines that do not disipate their heat well will not be effective in providing hot fumes, but larger engines with more exhausts running hot, will grant lots of hot gasses if you manage to disipate the heat.

The shield will do damage per second to a shell depending on total volume and temperature of the shield. ballistic shells also loose Ap corresponding to how much total health they have left. Shells can still make it through the shields but will generaly be weaker if the shield is still relatively strong.

unlike regular shields these shields do not reflect and while there might be or have been a disintegration option for regular shields, this variant does not require any power to consume other than poluted hot gasses.

in short, it is a very experimental type of shield that could be made to be inexpensive and very rewarding for players who know how to use them.

it could also feature a form of HE heat accumulation absorbing attribute that allows it to ramp up if an explosive shell detonates nearby.
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