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SS - Baneblade - Heavy assault tank

I saw a few people asking about this one, so here's my take on a Baneblade tank. Big Grin Unfortunately, it's so heavy it can't navigate much in the way of terrain above-water, and its cannon-based weaponry isn't very effective underwater due to the AI not being able to aim through the water's increased drag effectively. However, it's a monster above-water, and underwater its missiles are extremely effective at taking out boats and slow aircraft.

The reference image I used came from here:

[Image: C041BA76472C890F775F0A118E5748239ED56073]

Fitting all the turrets in and making each one at least somewhat combat-effective was a challenge, but I think it came out all right. The black side cannon only fire basic rounds, the middle top turrets and mortar fire explosive rounds, the dual turret above the camera fires armor-piercing rounds, and the primary cannon fires mixed shells.

[Image: AF1E4925A5CAE5B09DB741C667411B7B67E58274]

Rubber blocks and wheels along the bottom of the Baneblade's treads allow it to move smoothly over the terrain... or would, if it wasn't too heavy for approximately 162,349,236 ion thrusters to move (I might be exaggerating slightly, but seriously--the whole back side of the thing is covered in ion thrusters, and there's quite a few inside too; how many does it take!?). Still, it moves nice and smoothly underwater!

[Image: E3C2D663A4E771869B5A0C46CF5AE1A77F80A948]

At long range, the missiles, main cannon, and mortar are the only effective weaponry. The mortar is quite inaccurate at this range, but a direct hit from it is still too damaging to pass up the chance of a shot landing. most Baneblade reference pictures I could find didn't have a missile rack, but I wanted the thing to be at least marginally combat-effective underwater. Since most cannonfire misses when firing from the seafloor, it's good to have at least one reliable weapon.

[Image: 00F716D96583111FA7AA48ECBFD5501C535288D3]

Weapons are all tuned for appropriate ranges and firing arcs in order to avoid friendly fire and be able to deal with multiple opponents at once. This is very much a short-range vehicle aside from the main cannon and missile launcher, and is definitely happiest right in the middle of a fleet of enemies.

It's a hair on the expensive side, mostly due to the crazy number of ion thrusters scattered about. The hull is entirely metal, and is several layers thick in some places, so it can withstand a fair bit of incoming fire.

Enjoy! Big Grin

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