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[SS] Replacement Request "Cinder" Helicopter

Alright, I think this thread has sat around long enough for anybody that wants to build something to do so. So, im gunna make my pick.

Getting straight to the point, The design named Cinder that Awellner made is the one Ill take, and here is why.

Lightning Foods, Magpie: Overall its a nice design, but the outside is too busy, too cluttered. Firing computers, Fuel tanks, Ammo processors, Missile Ejectors, ACBs, all of it is on the outside and a bit messy.
In addition, its very similar to the shadowcat in function, both having missiles and front fixed gatling cannons.

Eagles, Valiant: I always appreciate a Helicopter that is different, and this one does that. However, the overall Hull was rather boring. It has some contouring but not much interesting details on the top. The bottom had some cool stuff, but that was mostly to accommodate the weapon systems and sensors, the Hull itself didnt have much going.

Awellner, Cinder: Very similar to the Shadowcat in appearance, this one has some cool details with an overall clean body. Everything blends together interestingly and smooth.
The Body does feel rather Fat, but im not one to fat shame something so Ill let it go.
Function, sure its got some similarities to Shadowcat, but those are still fairly different.
Turreted Big cannon instead of Fixed Gatling, Less missiles but its got the Autocannons that at least look cool even if they are nearly useless when the player is fighting SS.

So thats it, I need to tweak something on the Cinder then its getting saved over the old one.

Thank you all, its always nice to have a few choices of designs to pick from.
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