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Laser and PAC mantlets

For a game that emphasizes player freedom and allows the creation of some truly over-the-top designs I've always felt that FTDs is let down by it's energy weapons.

Futuristic weapons should feel sleek and user-friendly. They should blend seamlessly into a design offering a blend of clean aesthetics and high performance. Yet both the PAC and the Lasers are ungainly. to achieve accuracy even approaching that of reality lasers require the longest 'barrels' of any weapon in the game and to boot these barrels are an eyesore being both comically large in diameter, and having an aesthetic which clashes so badly with the rest of the game that most players go out of their way to hide them of paint over them.

PACs face a similar problem. While they're base aesthetic is far better than the laser, to the point where players use PAC parts to accent their futuristic designs the weapon itself is one of the only systems that cannot be constructed symmetrically and it's so large that external mounts approach the dimensions of small ships, meaning they only look good on the largest vessels.

On top of these aesthetic deficiencies these weapons are the most awkward to use in the game so much so that it's rather jarring. To effectively utilize PACs one is practically required to build the vehicle around the PAC and then have it always pointing the weapon towards the enemy. PAC turrets are so ineffective (and still ugly) that they're rarely seen. I would really like to be able to build internal turrets with small, sleek caps for my PACs or build massive, surface mounted doom guns that didn't have massive areas of dead-space.

Lasers are even worse given that we can beam laser power all across our ships, seemingly by magic, but cannot build a good elevating laser turret. Therefore I propose the following:

-Shorter laser optic requirements to achieve laser-like accuracy. Seriously it shouldn't be easier to make pinpoint cannons than it is to make pinpoint lasers. At the very least i'd like to be able to build lasers that don't have 10m dispersion patterns at medium range without using dozen meter long optic lines.
-redesigned laser optics, something along the lines of the awesome new simple lasers would be GREATLY appreciated, for all the detailing on the individual parts these are ugly as sin, especially with the 3x3 needed for max angles
-laser mantlets please, this would be a great boon to small laser craft and those of us who want space craft and airships with scale laser turrets.
PAC mantlets for reasons similar to the laser mantlet we really need a way to easily aim PACs. PAC turrets would really make futuristic vessels come alive, but current energy weapon ease of use just isn't able to make good on these dreams.

Thanks for your consideration of this proposal, I'm excited to see what the future has in store.
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