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[Open Update] 5m turret bases and armored barrels

We can now update ANY unit with the new larger Turret bases and change the Barrels to use 4m beams or change to Armored.
I dont think everything really needs changed, but larger battleships should definitely be using 3m/5m turret bases where they will fit.
If you fit a 5m turret base on smaller stuff, that is perfectly fine too, just large stuff definitely needs it.

There is no restriction for faction or difficulty when it comes to this update.

When changing a turret base, please take notice if the turret had firing restrictions that stopped it from turning in certain areas! Be sure to copy/ paste those settings.

Call Dibs if you plan to do a group of designs.

OW=Being done by Karbengo
SS Done
SD = Done

Edit: Since there are no CRAM motorized or Elevation Heavy parts i see little reason to change CRAM barrels to Heavy right now.
Since the first parts are always Motorized/ Elevation then those are the parts that will break first and the heavy front barrels will just fall off.
So, might as well save time and not bother changing that.
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[Open Update] 5m turret bases and armored barrels - by majyst - 2017-07-24, 06:19 AM

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