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[LH] Updated Firefly to prevent selfdestruction

I noticed it kept onehitting itself, so I took a look and updated a few things:

- IFF* modules on the turrets were not connected to the actual controller. I fixed that

- The missiles on top were very often stuck in the vehicle and detonated inside the vehicle. I changed to ejection elevation to 90° and put a delay on the firing of the thrusters to stop that.
However, the missiles went often in the wrong direction, but lowering the ejection elevation didn't fix that issue (and caused it to selfdestruct again), so I replaced the IR seeker with a radar seeker.

It does not seem to selfdestruct anymore at this point, though the missiles on his belly do not have an IFF module yet, so those still chase the firefly from time to time (luckily they seem to rarely hit the firefly).

* IFF = Identify Friend or Foe

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[LH] Updated Firefly to prevent selfdestruction - by Demindiro - 2017-07-22, 12:19 PM

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