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Make HEAT jet damage components it passes through, make metric loss = armor

  • Make the HEAT jet do flat ~50 damage to all blocks it passes through(kills most internals in 2-3 hits)
  • If the jet doesn't have enough metric to get through the block make the damage proportionally smaller
  • Make HEAT lose metric equal to the armor of the block it passed( for example 3 for a missile connector, 15 for 1m metal, 40 for 1m HA)

  • Now HEAT can use up more of its metric in armor compared to air, a 150 metric/50 frag one hitting 1m metal spawns 5 frags instead of 2
  • Now simply filling every gap in your vehicle isn't a viable defense. You have to run out metric/ERA the jet otherwise it scrambles up weak internal components.
  • It puts a dent in moderate metrics on high caliber shells, 4m metal is additional 60 instead of ~15.5

It's a buff to HEAT, while also giving you more options to defend against it.

Also, I think max metric attainable should be reduced.
500mm having 225 with 1 HE is fine, but even the 315 with 2 HE is more than what could be reasonable defended against.
Adding a harsher penalty for stacking HE behind shaped charge head would be one solution.
I'd like to stike a balance where ERA is the best option on compact designs, but bigass things with lots armor and air
only have to protect the extremities with it, not spamming it to prevent the jet from reaching the other side.

Scarlet's example for the extreme end of the problem, absolute max possible metric is over 800 for a ~300m/s shell:

[Image: lCRlooTl.jpg]

(sidenote: IMO slightly increasing metric on small calibers and heavily decreasing it on large ones would be a good change, frag count already favors 300mm+)

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