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[SS] Thyr - Lowering broadside minimum range (and some other minor changes)

So after hearing that the Thyr likes running away, which is not a very desirable trait for a ship with only forwards-facing main guns, I went ahead and re-configured the ship's broadside settings in an attempt to keep her from exposing the vulnerable aft so often.
In addition to that, I did the following while I was at it:
-beamed the barrels. Also gave the main guns 8m of heavy barrel at the start, which is enough to satisfy the minimum requirements for propellant burn
-Increased the amount of turning propellers to 8 (from 2) and gave them a cute ACB-complex control setup to double their effectiveness
-Removed a 360 degree IR camera from the bow, due to it getting hit by the main guns fairly often, and causing the ship to provide a bit of 'help' for the opponent in dismantling the shielding
-Gave the turret #1 failsafes in an attempt to further alleviate problems related to the guns firing the ship's own bow
-Installed a naval yaw PID to get rid of the derpy wiggling ships without one tend to do
-Swapped the main propellers to round props, and the APS barrels used as propeller shafts for CRAM barrels, to match the width of the round prop base
-Slightly increased the firing constraints of the guns in main turret #3 after witnessing them blowing up the ship's own secondary gun
-Rebuilt the LAMS utilizing 3m pumps, to allow the same performance in a more compact setup

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[SS] Thyr - Lowering broadside minimum range (and some other minor changes) - by Zagskrag - 2017-07-21, 01:56 AM

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