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Another shield Idea

Hi all

Fair warning this is a bit of a rant Tongue

First off, I love FTD, building stuff is fun, and watching it fight is just as fun.

What's not fun AT all, Is shielding your craft, it's a pain, tedious, slow and can take FOREVER to sort out.

So a simple solution, Yes SIMPLE, because there is so much complexity in this game already, simple durability shouldn't be another thing that takes half a day to do right on one small craft.

- Keep the current shield projectors as they are ok for small craft.

- New Item, shield generator

Place this anywhere on your craft, Uses stored battery power to increase the armor value and hp of all blocks on your craft.

Configurable - Either increase hp or armor of connected blocks or both.

Taking hits eats into stored battery power.

Spalling damage also eats into stored power but at a reduced amount.

Each shield generator would have a capacity, (Max number of blocks it can protect) Adding more capacitors increases this amount, Or add another shield generator.

Or just something SIMPLE and easy to install.

Heck using the PID's is easier than shielding a craft,

Building engines is FUN, there basically puzzles

Same with guns (Really hate cram cannons though, I just do Tongue)

SHields are clunky, fiddly and either OP or completely useless.

Several times I've gone up against Godly design craft, With the SAME cannon, and its a 50/50 if ill win, All I need is ONE lucky shell to pen the shield and I blow half the craft to hell.

Rest of the time I can be shooting it for 5min and not even scratch it.

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