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The Aubrey-Maturin Lodge (general discussions)

Ok sounds good and reasonable.
Will make sure settings on 2014.
I am going to continue using current stable for the moment and see what issues it brings up, currently other than balance which a player can build around it should still play out ok.
On the ship levels, it makes sense if it doesn't have an effect on how they spawn based on difficulty.

I am leaning toward building some historical ships, starting off with sailing ships 17th-18th century, I know your ships don't use the sailing AI system but that makes it a challenge for me and I will add Props on mine to help in battles Smile
So far they are taking on the first groups anyway.
Then move onto the ironclad era then onto Pre-dreadnaughts etc

For me, it's a reason to build some historical ships from a past era rather than all the modern or sci-fi builds that fit the current meta etc.
DelsGaming YouTube
Subs and missiles for the win Smile...

How to balance and Depth control sub Video

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