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Poll: Ready for stable?
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61 54.46%
No [reason given in thread]
51 45.54%
Total 112 vote(s) 100%
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v2.0 [dev test and development for now]

Thanks to your great effort to making FtD better with Unity 5.6. Unfortunately, contrary to the earlier version with Unity 5.6 (I forgot the number...), present version is much slower. In addition, black outlines are added for unknown reason which makes frickering. I cannot guess the actual reason but... I hope I can play that "flyweight" FtD with unity 5.6 again.

Lua codes in multiplayer seems to cause some network connection issue. It is expected that Lua in multiplayer has something to do with increased lags. Because of this problem, Lua is sometimes unreasonably criticized. It would be appreciated by almost all of Lua users if this problem is solved.

Everything(all blocks)(terrain and water is fine) is flickering
Parts of blocks are disappearing in on frame and and okay/normal in an other
I'm not that good in English

I can upload a video tomorrow to show what optical problem u have
like's strange music Tongue

I'm still unable to save my campaigns, it says save completed successfully but whichever slot I saved it in is empty when I try to load it up

nvm about the flickering shadows i was ingame when you released the last patch seems to be gone now. atleast for me

I would say broadly yes, though it would be very nice to see a fix to the recent bugs with the map editor would be good. Onion terrain is not fun.


Pretty sure things like this are caused by the game failing to ever delete old terrains from an instance, causing them to layer over each other when the level of detail changes due to distance, or one moves the camera away. it also seems to have trouble loading in many terrain segments, and takes many minutes to do so when it does.
Uses the golden ratio.

[Image: n4pzmbo]

Fat_ninja - today at 1:40 PM
Would the perfect pair of boobs be 1.6 times the size of the body or vice versa?

In regards to the flickering.

No idea if it's any use, but here are some strange things that have been happening to me.

Running like a boss otherwise for me, but need to test more.

P.S. balance change is soo good!

EDIT: GTX 770 and top quality setting.

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glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass simply has a safety factor.

#18 <--- album with pictures of the flickering.
ok i was wrong about the flickering being gone for me moved away from the starting resource zone and it came back.
[Image: Dygtr2Z.jpg]

Still too laggy even with half texture resolution. Once it became less laggy than stable version, but now it becomes much more laggy. I can't make a large ship in dev test version.

I have a question about the game with unity 5.6 came a better multithread usage
But it seams that some parts of the needed calculation isn't spreader between the cores is that a unity bound problem?

For me my I7 5930K is used on one core to 100% and the other around 10ish%-25ish%

I guess it isn't possible(or very problematic) to utilize the cores better?
like's strange music Tongue

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