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Mold Cannons?

This is like a middle ground between crams and aps.
You prepare the individual ammunition on board with materials and then put it in a mold resembling the ammo customizer except non transparent.

The idea is basically that you would be able to create guns that fire large shells at the cost of lots of ammo and lengthy reload times. All parts must be ready before the shell can fire.

It's kind of like the bloat cannon thing i came up with except it does not have any support-ish stuff and will only fire pure damage based shells.

Let's take for example a 8m long 2m diameter shell.

You would need to meet the desired hardness or potency of the part you're molding and this requires lots of materials.
For reference, you can get a 2m shell up to 20k explosive damage in about 20 seconds with around 100 materials (not keen on my math).
By desired i mean that you choose how much time is spent on improving the quality of the shell, thus mimicking the unique thing about crams.

If the tetris required to launch big cram shells had the same requirements for this cannon then that means the mold cannon would fit the bill of multiple crams in one.

Only problem is the potentially devastating explosive damage. To make this fair the cannon requires the same amount of stuff as if you had multiple crams in one. You would also be unable to use fuses unless you dedicate one molded part to it and on a big scale that's a huge loss. This means you will have a hard time making APHE shells that desintegrates stuff.

To further state why big guns are fair, just try some of my ridiculous designs and unload a volley on some of the larger campaign vehicles such as the bulwark(or any no shield tournament grade ship) and you'l see that such an amount of explosive damage will not result in a one shot.

Also, a 2m cram shell costs +200 ammo and this means 8 pieces of shell yields a cost of 1600. you could further increase this cost with the excuse that aps has higher ammo consumption so lets say 500 per 2m part.

That along with long reloads and a somewhat complex and clunky large system, and you have a cannon that will mostly serve as a game changer or a big boss gun.

In the end multiple crams would outshine it most of the time but wouldn't it be nice if you could find a way to balance it so that different designs and setups are better at doing some roles for this and that amount of rp/ammo cost?

on further note, we're talking 8m so the 2m shells that are seemingly 2-3m long will only be 1m long thus halving damage per part to around 18000x8.
You could also go ahead and make it so it does damage similar to how flaks work with the larger radius but less damage etc.
Make it so you need lots of material parts equal to a couple crams and you have a cannon that's RP heavy and not suitable for smaller vehicles at first hand(not to talk about the recoil).
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I get the point of the weapon system, but why not just use a lot of CRAM? You yourself said that CRAM would be better in most situations, so why not just have a boatload of CRAM instead?
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(2017-07-08, 08:25 PM)benzo711 Wrote: I really only agree with 4m being long enough because I'm lazy and I don't want to have to retrofit everything


Larger burst damage in one package. With crams you have a damage limit but this one would exceed that. A larger projectile would also cause a bigger thump on Shields meaning it has a higher chance of getting through without most of it being negated. this is comming from someone who launched 50+ 2m crams at a Bulwark and saw at least 20 of them get deflected.
That might change with the new shield balancing but this opts for a more surekill way of overloading the enemy shield system, while at the same time making your turret head much smaller i would assume. it depends on how well you can tetris a cram turret cap compared to that, but as far as i know it gets very messy when you make larger caps.
Never sail out to far on the daft raft.

CRAM already do enough damage, with a good CRAM broadside you can delete entire ships, why would you need a cannon weapon that deals even more damage?
[Image: Screenshot_2017-03-12_12.08.10.png]

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* A bigger more satisfying boom.
* Some well built ships can tank lots of cram Shells (only problem being turret popping) using these guns would reduce total chances of turret popping as you depend on one projectile that could land anywhere except for a turre(Should it get the turret it would most likely only be that turret).
*Big boss guns of gunning glory!.
* A proposedly more heavily armored or higher Health weapon system that would likely take high priority threat wise meaning it could serve as a cover for smaller weapons under the pressure of spam (unless of course your enemy does not target weapons only and just spray everywhere but in theory you kno).
*Longer range maybe?, the projectile would still be rather slow depending on load but you could at least have 3km i Think (giving it an advantage over crams).
*it doesn´t necessarily have to be the same amount of materials as crams as far as different parts go. you could have some low requiring parts and some more requiring parts meaning in some cases it could be more optimal than using many crams depending on situation.
* laser anti missile defence tank that could be setup to solely launch a heavily bulked kinetic Shell in order to make way for other Shells that can´t cope with your opponent´s high end fuel guzzling defences.
*The reload is mostly slow so it´s a risky tradeoff compared to crams that can be spamed and do very high damage, unless of course you have a system that can mold a bit quicker but is generally larger.
*Proposed Heavy shield thumping threat that does not have any damage negated due to multiple Shells being deflected(combine with laser tanking for your other cannons to seap shells through).
Never sail out to far on the daft raft.

[Image: Screenshot_2017-03-12_12.08.10.png]

I'm gonna cuddle you meow :3

well then, i take that as a means of further having to develop my ideas. either that or it would be rad with some longer/tetris block-ish parts for crams in order to keep them on par with the block Count of 8m APS guns.
fairly certain an APS the size of my latest cram giant would have around 30% less total blocks in the system.
Those barrels and autoloaders really eat on the block count
Never sail out to far on the daft raft.

i thought i would be able to fire actual mold at an enemy ship
this has turned out to be disappointing
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one day this can be a battleship


Would probably make a good smoke screen lol.
Never sail out to far on the daft raft.

Firing mold at the enemy ship: within 10-15 years, you will have destroyed all their wooden components!

Unless they treated them, or they clean their ship every once and a while..... But otherwise, foolproof weapon!
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