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Darudan Dominion

Darudan Dominion [Eastern China] - Region 34
[Image: True20Dominion20Flag_zpssgzfu5jl.jpg]

Capital: Konigsland [Hong Kong]
Trade Capital: Ostland [Shanghai]

57 Production

Dockyards: Lvl 1 - Chinese Coast
Factories: Lvl 1 - Chinese Coast


With the Dutch gaining control of the East India Trade Company in the year 1800, their hold over the east strengthened. Enough so that ideals of expansion seemed within their reach. During the chaos of the Great War a Dutch force with German mercenaries pushed in, taking the Oriental East Coast. With the new Dominion under the Dutch Government, problems began to happen. A coup allowed a German Military Governor to take control, declaring the Dominion Independent. Calling of Dutch and German colonists the local Asian population was met with an increased industrialization. Digging in, and consolidating their hold of the two largest Cities in their Region, the Governor worked to make the Dominion a lasting nation.


With the formation of the Dominion. The New Military Governor installed a new Monarch, dubbed the Matriarch, to act as the Voice of the Government, and a symbol for the people. Due to her lack of any real Power the Matriarch mostly does public appearances, as well as missions to industrialize the less cultivated areas. As living Propaganda, the Dominion feigns that she is ruling over the People, and protects her as if she were the true ruler.

-Festivals Keeping to the tradition of those who had inhabited the land before them, the Dominion is known to hold Grand Festivals with colorful fireworks.

-Military/Fascism All citizens are required to become part of the Military's reserve forces in the event of attack, afterward they are only allowed to make occupations that support the nation. Propaganda is used to keep national moral and patriotism high, but in return outsiders are seen as inferior, causing strict immigration laws.

-Economy/Fascism Dominion Economy focuses around Trade, Fishing, Timber, and metals. The smaller privately owned economy are few and far between with many unwilling to go through the trouble of trying to convince how their business would support the nation.

-Notable People
der Gouverneur/Governor -
Mutterrechtlich/Matriarch - Nikki Dolgud

With the fall of the Dutch East Indies the Dominion has become paranoid of invasion.

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