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Californian Republic [RIP]

[Image: JIR72Gp.png]
Name: Californian republic
Government: Democracy

the Federal government of the Californian republic rules from the capital park in Sacramento, controlling the Californian state, along with the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada and parts of Idaho and Arizona.
Before the great war, The Californian republic was a booming economy and a good Standard of living, however the war took a toll and the CR (Californian republic) entered a depression for awhile.

Every 4 years there is an election much like the our present day USA, a president is elected from a party to rule, there is possibilities of a far left or a far right government being elected if enough votes, however popularity sticks with the democrats


Basic History:

Californian independence:
During the 1880's California was being ruled by a larger body, they were taxed and forced into slavery to be sold, and the colony had enough, and they rose up on June 19th 1885 to fight against their overlord, and won their freedom after 8 bloody years of war.

Treaty of Salem:
At the end of a long war with the free states of oregon and washington, the CR emerged as the victor as they used guerilla warfare within the mountain ranges of their lands.

The resource conflict:
Tensions between California and Arizona grew as a lack of resources and room for people existed. neither could co-exist without many disagreements and wars, so California saw potential in a full out war with Arizona, many lives were lost however the war was short, Arizona's conditions were too hostile for many soldiers, and they entered a stalemate for 4 months

The ruling act:
Arizona would get complete control of its land within the CR, however they will not be a free body, they will have their own laws and government but be under federal law. California would also support the new state if it were in management issues.

Ships and tanks are in works.

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