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[GI] Replacement request (High Alt Bomber)

(2017-06-09, 10:34 AM)Gladyon Wrote:
(2017-06-09, 08:45 AM)majyst Wrote: Seeking a replacement for the GLAO design in the [GI] Faction, the "High altitude Bomber".

Its concept of being a CRAM bomber does not work, I dont think CRAM bombs really work as a viable weapon system.
So, changing the Concept.

-3k Max Volume
-APN Bombs
-600 to 800 Altitude (Use ION thrusters)
-Styled to to feel like its an industrial unit.

I made a CRAM bomber that could flatten a Thyr in 3 bomb run only (OK, it had 27 bombs...).
Now it doesn't work so well because the Thyr has better weapon and will down it too soon.

But CRAM bombs are viable, it's just that you have to not use the bomb chutes as they do not work.
One motor barrel is very effective.

Thats the problem, when Nick asked for a CRAM bomber, that was to become an example of CRAM bomb chutes.
I find CRAM bomb chutes to be rather horrible, and since you are suggesting not using them at all and instead make a short barreled cannon, then it kinda supports my decision to abandon the concept all together.

I suppose if someone made a CRAM bomber with just normal short barrels and it turned out to be awesome, id probably consider it, but I dont want to direct people in that direction.
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