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v1.97 [dev test]

Released into dev test for testing (steam beta branch with password "onlymeonlyme".

It's a significant release as it's a port from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5.6. This comes with significant changes and so there is significant room for error in the following areas: multiplayer, lua, steam integration, rendering, physics.

If you want to test this beta then please be on the look out for the above issues and post them in this thread.

This update also comes with a number of significant goodies:
1) a 3m by 3m turret base
2) a 5m by 5m turret base
3) Aero rudder and Aero elevator which together can replace the "tailplane" with a more realistic looking tailplane. All three can work together nicely and look good
4) Visual updates to many of the older blocks
5) A reduction to game loading of about 6 seconds or so (it no longer re-generates the Neter map which should already be in memory anyway).
6) A content update to vehicles / planets etc
7) some bug fixes to the simple laser and simple large/small cannon

Let me know what you guys think.

Sorry it took so long to get a significant update out for FTD- changing the engine over was complicated and required reworking almost all of the graphical side of things.

*Khaz edit*
Known Bugs:
-Barrels and dedicated heliblades are duplicated due to the physical block mesh staying visible after the meshcombine makes the moveable barrel *fixed in hotfix*
-Lasers line renderer alpha is occluded by waters alpha *fixed for next release*
-Paint seems to have been knocked out as well damage darkening blocks (Works in editor but not steam version) *fixed in hotfix*
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Unity 5.6? Good! Very good!!!

I understand why it must have been hard, but now it's done you'll have access to better tools and features, good job!


(2017-06-04, 01:34 PM)moonruner Wrote: WHY STILL NOT v2.0

Already taken for the 2.0 patch, but Nick fired first with his Unity 5 port.

Thank you for confirming that you are not dead/dying/onpermanentvacation/givenupongameprogramming
Gehm's corollary: Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced

(2017-06-04, 01:36 PM)Gladyon Wrote:
(2017-06-04, 01:34 PM)moonruner Wrote: WHY STILL NOT v2.0

Already taken for the 2.0 patch, but Nick fired first with his Unity 5 port.

I got. v2.0 is reserved so this could not be 2.0

Fleet colors don't seem to be displaying correctly, and multi-barreled APS appear as single-barreled 500mm.
So far I haven't seen any other issues, but I'll post them if I find some.
[Image: KfTvtVv.png]

Finally thx for the news! Im very glad we finaly become some feed back from the development of this game! Smile

[bug report]
windows10. window mode. hit windows key. click title bar. the windows moves to edge of desktop and cannot return.

hey buddy love the new cosmetic look on everything in this update the only bugs i found is my vehicles no longer display any colour's and the ADV cannon barrels are stuck on 500mm they don't match the current gauge

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