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Royal Indian Union [WIP]

WIP here. Nutshelling it, fluff will be added later.

India British colony until 1858. East India Trading Company dicked over India more and more until things got so bad that there were serious rebellions. the British crown final noticed this commotion down in India and launched an investigation. As it turned out, the Company were living (and acting) like princes in the region, dicking it over hardcore. The government finally stepped in and dissolved the EITC and launched a *New and Improved* campaign designed to get India back up to strength, because they figured that if they lost India, they lost their influence in Asia, and would no longer be the pre-eminent world power. Gradually India was given independence in such as way that India's future would be self-determined, but intertwined with the British that they shared common interests and a symbiotic trade relationship.

Because India essentially held the key to accessing and controlling the treasures of Asia, the newly-decreed "Royal Indian Armed Forces" (subdivisions of Navy, Army, Marines, and Military Police), the nation was afforded the luxury of keeping and maintaining a large armed force, meant to be the largest in the region.

While initially the military was essentially controlled by the British, higher ranking positions were gradually filled by the best native commanders available. The reason for this was Threefold; it would keep British officers in the majority of commanding positions while allowing for integration ensured that the military had the best leadership possible, and winning the support of the native Indians. After being granted full independence in 1919, in honor of their contributions in the Great War, many British commanders elected to stay in India due to the higher ranks frequently granted, and the generally better living conditions. This was also encouraged by High Command with many compensation packages for British families, ranging from bonuses, to free travel, and guaranteed posts. This was also encouraged by the native population, bringing in much needed funds and chances for development.

For the last 14 years, India has become a rapidly developing country, currently one of the most well-developed (overall) nations in the region. The abundant natural resources and extraordinary natural terrain make for almost impenetrable obstacles and allow for safe development of factories, research facilities, farms, and population centers. The very long coastline and many rivers requires India to patrol constantly, vigilant of any dangers, which is why the Indian Coast Guard is seen as particularly important in keeping the homeland secure and citizens safe. A sizeable conventional navy is also kept in order to secure (and expand) India's sphere of influence. As of 1935 the Royal Indian Navy has a fairly large reserve of outdated ships, though significant efforts are being taken to modernize all aspects in order to keep Indian territory secure. The relatively flat plains of india are the ideal terrain for tanks.

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