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My fleet dump (mostly battleships[sometimes videos too!])

In celebration of the Return of the Curse of Oyashiro-sama's first victory in the Battleship Brawl and in memory of the Curse's defeat, here's a little somthing I made.

Been away for awhile (work, burnt out, no interesting tournaments).

Here's my Frigate Fracas entry, The Little Curse of Oyashiro-sama:
[Image: littlecurse_zps9lxcg847.png]
127M long, 15 wide.

20+m/s speed, really fast.

2m metal/stone armor around important stuff, a little HA.

4 2m CRAMS, pack to 12% density(!!!), one gun in the turrets is HE(26k damage), the other AP(16k kenetic, 6.1k HE, 150 AP), both have a reload of 16.51 seconds. Prototype turrets for the never finished(no battleship brawl season 4) Revenge of the Return of the Curse of Oyashiro-sama. Got the idea for them from that one little ship that wrecked the Return of the Curse in BBS3.

4 466mm secondaries, firing sabot HE rounds. Either genius or madness, probably the latter.

Comes equipped with a 1st generation broadside forcer, like the Return of the Curse.

In test battles, did pretty well against most other FF entries(except ferram's and that one kiting exploity thingy).

A lot of work went into aesthetics. Superstructure is modeled after the German WW2 pocket battleships. It also shows off my new fleet colors and flag. Despite its small size, it has a walkable bridge and a room belowdecks. Fire shoots out of the smokestack if the engine is damaged. My forum avatar is steering the ship.

Recent patches broke it somehow, it won't stop capsizing now.

Attached Files
.blueprint   The Little Curse of Oyashiro-sama.blueprint (Size: 234 KB / Downloads: 13)

That looks amazing
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

Entering into Sea Encounters: Battleships got me back into the game, so now I built a few things.

Starting with my plane and corvette from my SE:B entry, the BB will get its own post once its first BB vs BB fight gets published.

The Curse of Feanor:
[Image: 852833F9D5A212127B19454207846C0F8C0BDD38]

Namesake: The curse Mandos placed upon Feanor, his sons, and the entire Noldor people in The Silmarillion after The First Kinslaying. Also the title of a Blind Guardian song.

Overview: Minelaying piston-engined monoplane. Drops one mine that does a fair amount of damage. Not very fast. Can sometimes kill a Marauder by itself before running out of fuel. This craft only existed so I could have a pair of planes in SE:B.

The Curse of Class 3-3:
[Image: 2C5FCF9AC0A8C58ED4B046A29BECB619EFD76436]

Namesake: The curse on Class 3-3 in Another that causes a ghost to be in every school year, and if the ghost is not ignored, students die. Or something like that. It's been awhile since I've seen it.

Overview: Minelaying corvette. usually ends up blowing itself up due to closing to suicidally close range to lob its mines at the target. Armed with okay-ish dual-purpose guns that turned the tide of battle during my entry's proper strike defense and giving me (as of right now) the best strike defense score.

EF-5 Heavy Bomber:
[Image: CA9FC2DC453F4134A95A2920E5EC14B4C668BDCA]

Namesake: Enhanced Fujita 5 is the most powerful classification of tornado.

Overview: Piston-engined monoplane heavy bomber. 4 2m cram bombs, 4x2 36mm AA turrets on the bottom, 2x2 30mm AA turrets on top of the tailplane, 2 121mm tailguns. Not really designed for combat use, mostly to test weapons and improve my aviation engineering skills. Really potent self-defense guns capable of even downing a Fury. Features even numbered symmetry.


And here's a Sea Encounters trailer that I threw together in about 5 hours. Would have probably taken 10 to make it half decent, especially with the 3d model greenscreening. The second and last clips are the only ones without huge mistakes in them.

Smolbote is a beast, much better than the other ones, but that's just me.
[Image: signature.jpg]

If you need fuel engines for battleships, check out some of the new ones we put together on my engine raft. Especially if you are up for more efficient engines.
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

My Sea Encounters entry scored an overwhelming victory, losing less than 2% health while completely dismantling its opponent.

As I promised, here she is:

The Curse of Rei Ryghts
[Image: tD0OpCL.png]

Lore: (best read with this playing in the background )

Following the disappearance of the great tournament host Menti, the shipyards of Tari fell silent, with no purpose for warships. The rivalry with Coneeziea still existed, but with no battlefield to settle the score, the next great ship,
The Revenge of the Return of the Curse of Oyashiro-sama, rusted in its drydock, half finished. But a new star had risen, and the Console Patron Unit of Tari had taken notice.

Finally, the fight she was looking for came to pass. Capital ships of a level of technology accessible to Tari, were to fight once again. And better still, the rival empire had also entered a ship.

Out of the Tarian shipyards came The Curse of Rei Ryghts. Named after the CPU herself and crafted from the hull of The Revenge, the mighty warship's performance was outstanding, shocking even the designers.
The CPU looked at the ship with hope. Not only of ending the great rivaly with a Tarian victory, but of winning the tournament outright, as the legendary designer, Ferram, had little time to refine his vessel.

With total victory a real possibility, with its namesake at the helm, the battleship was sent to face its destiny.

Weapon Manifesto:
Main Guns
3 Blue Heart turrets with 3 500mm Pong Laser Cannons Each, 45 Component, APHEFR, 7.9m long shell, 15s reload

Secondary Guns
8 Tari turrets with 2 236mm Sharicites each, 25 Component, HESH, 2m shell, 8.5s reload

Both shell customizers are at the front of the citadel

Belt: Varies, 3m along important bits, 2m on bow and stern

Citadel: 4m metal sides, 1m top and bottom, 2m front and back.

Deck: 2m wood,

Main Battery barbettes: 3m metal

Secondary barbettes: 1m metal

Main Battery Turret Armor: 2m metal roof, 1 1/2 - 3m side, 3m "breastplate", 1m metal and lead on lower rear half.

Secondary Battery Turret Armor: 1m metal turret cap, 1m "breastplate"
I learned an important lesson with The Return of The Curse, don't skimp on turret armor.

Other Features:
Top Speed: 8.5 m/s

Equipped with a Second generation broadside forcer. Turns the ship to the left soon after spawning, returns to closing the distance, then turns to the right to bare the undamaged side. It's located in the stern if you want to dissect it.

Lights for night battles!
[Image: TZbjohr.png]

Walkable interior above citadel and engines. Doesn't hold a candle to Coneezean's or The Return's, but it's there and it's worth exploring.

Decorative boat, crane, helipad, small AA guns, anchors, flags, and "Tarian Share Crystals" at the bow and stern.

All in all, my best creation. Decent armor, deadly firepower, and good looks.

Here's hoping she does well in her subsequent matches!



2.2.0 devtest...

Still needs a great deal of work, but looking good so far.

Another new member of the Reorganized Tarian Navy:

Epidemic Class Beltloop Battleship

[Image: fm4XMWU.png]

Lore: The story of the Epidemics began long before they were laid down. 

Following the Flameship Wars, the Tarian and Coneezean empires were devastated. Tari lost much of its advanced technology, like missiles, railguns, jet engines, shields, and lasers. Not only that, every single ship of the Tarian Imperial Navy was destroyed in the war with Coneezea and later, the Flameship Wars. A few coast defense ships were thrown together from scraps of the damaged-beyond-repair Return of the Curse of Oyashiro-sama, these became The Little Curse of Oyashiro-sama class monitors, and The Curse of Class 3-3 class corvettes. Rebuilding Tari after the Flameship Wars took nearly all the funds from the now named Reorganized Tarian Navy, and the small force Tari currently had was supplemented by the Coneezean Navy, who had signed a shaky defensive pact to last while the two empires rebuilt themselves.

The pact eventually expired when both sides failed to renew it after their economies and governments stabilized. This prompted new funds to be appropriated to the navy, and The Curse of Rei Ryghts class battleships were commissioned. These powerful warships were able to outgun and outlast nearly every ship in existence. However, the anti-aircraft capabilities of the ship were limited, and there was a large gap between the roles of the Curse of Rei Ryghts and the Curse of Class 3-3 following the retirement of the Little Curse after stability issues could not be rectified.

The original plan for the new ship was to be much the same as the Boatmurdered, but problems with the old design(poor passive defences, high up-front cost, extreme fuel usage) as well as the lack of active defense technologies drove the designers in a new direction. The role of monitor had too little armor, but pocket battleships didn't have the cost effectiveness of the smaller design. Thus was born a hybrid of the two: the beltloop battleship. A light cruiser's hull, a pocket battleship's armor, a monitor's firepower, and a powerful anti-aircraft armament were rolled into one to make the Epidemic class beltloop battleship. 

The versatility of the design was enormous. Area denial, coastal patrol and defense, escort, and the ship could even be pressed into the line of battle. While shields and lasers were still out of reach, short range antiship missiles could be fitted to the ship.

(What are the Flameship Wars you ask? The subject of a future video series! I'll start working on it when I get enough motivation to get my Azuki and Coconut models working)

4 450mm guns fring APHE at 5 RPM
6 179mm guns firing timed frag at 6 RPM
2 36mm miniguns firing HPFRAG at idk but it's really high RPM
10 54mm chainguns firing timed frag at 60 RPM
Some 5m and 6m antiship missiles

1m hull(armor is metal unless specified)
1m belt
2m wood deck
1m turret bulkheads
2m citadel
1m alloy superstructure
2m main battery barbettes
1m main battery turret armor
1m main battery "breastplate"
1m keel

Other notes:
REALLY efficient engine
Not big enough for an interior, but you can still pilot it manually from the bridge
Can generally kill most OW and DWG regular designs, making a good starter ship
Pretty fast for one of my ships at 15 m/s
I didn't add lights, they're too laggy in 2.2.1
No broadside forcer, it's not imperative that this ship has it, as the firepower is at the front
Tanky and has repair bots

I didn't refine the design too much, but it works pretty well.

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