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My fleet dump (mostly battleships[sometimes videos too!])

So this happened to me today:

So I thought I'd celebrate by putting some of my stuff on the forum for all to see. Some disclaimers first.
  • I mostly build battleships, because battleships are cool.
  • I hate using and fighting against shields. Although 2.0 might alleviate the problems I have with them, my building style mostly prohibits using them.
  • I rarely use anything from the air tab, as my building style prohibits their use.
  • No LUA, it's overpowered.
  • Exploits(spinblocks in general, HA corner cheese) are frowned upon.
Without further ado, the first ship that I was proud of, the Boatmurdered Class pocket battleship.
[Image: 2017-05-22_12%2035%2039_zpsgnduc70q.jpg]
The exception to the above rules, the Boatmurdered has been the mainstay of my fleet since its original construction. It started as something that I threw together during a multiplayer session, my friend making a frigate to start out with, and me making a more permanent ship. It was right after CRAM's had been introduced, so I went with that as the main armament. It was little more than a stone box with a crude wooden hull and some very badly tetrised 1m cram mortars, pumping out little more than 3k damage per shot at 4 rounds/minute. Despite its shortcomings, I could see great potential in it. Many refits later(and I do mean MANY), I ended up with this vessel, again in need of a refit with 2.0 looming. Currently, it features:
  • 1m metal->HA corner hull armor, no belt(will be changed next refit)
  • 1m stone citadel(might be changed)
  • 1m wood bulkheads
  • 1m HA around AI and ammo
  • 1m wood -> 1m metal deck
  • 1m metal turrets
  • Alloy and wood bridge
  • (Good)LAMS, (bad)shielding, (bad)interceptor missiles).
  • Anti-missile CRAMs(was an experiment, only works well against large swarms of missiles, even then it needs a lucky shot to take them down)
  • Most of the ship is underwater, reducing laser damage
  • 8 2m APHE crams firing 8k kinetic 16.5k HE shells with inertial and penetration fuses at 3 RPM
  • 6 1320mm HE crams firing 2k HE shells with inertial and timed fuses at 5 RPM(doesn't work and needs to be replaced even if they did)
  • 3 Vertically mounted lasers for killing overpowered sons of b flyers
  • 8 downward-facing torpedoes for killing small subs
  • Full manual control available in case of AI failure
  • The bridge allows good visibility if you like first person mode
  • LAMS doesn't work on one side
  • No interior, this vessel is for murdering others, not for leisure.
  • 11.5 m/s speed, pretty slow, but standard for my ships.
Things to be fixed in the 2.0 refit:
  • HA corner cheese to be patched in 2.0, so the hull armor will need changed
  • Some things asymmetrical(no idea how that happened) or not connected
  • Secondary CRAMs need replaced, maybe with simple weapons on 2-axis turrets
  • Shielding adjusted
  • Speed and maneuverability increased
  • Addition of a "broadside forcer"
The Boatmurdered was the first vessel I ever made that could reliably kill a Bulwark while being smaller and less expensive. Its basic hull configuration went on to become...

The Curse of Oyashiro-sama
[Image: 2016-12-12_12%2014%2052_zpsmac1lczu.jpg]
[Image: CurseSide_zpsolfbkrzn.png]
One day, I came across the "Battleship Brawl season 3 planning thread", thought to myself, "Sounds like fun!" and had a look. Since at this point in planning, multiship entries were still allowed, so I took the Boatmurdered, stripped it down to 83,333 mats, made a 3 way spawnstick, and called it good. Unfortunately for that idea, the final rules called for a single ship. That idea got scrapped, so I decided to go with a lengthened Boatmurdered with 6 turrets and 15 guns. I gave it a belt of HA beams, a thick bulge of stone, and thickened the citadel armor. I had it fight a Bulwark, and the Curse won. I said to myself, "Aha! My ship is invincible! Nothing can defeat it!", painted the ship, and submitted it.

Of course it wasn't invincible. During its fight with the Bulwark, it was on my team, and I had 300 points in Armor Smiths. I should've tested it a lot more, and against the other submissions. Several problems came up:
  • The Curse of the Wireless Snooper. There are 3 pieces of detection on the Curse, 2 rangefinders on the B and Y turrets and a wireless snooper connected to the AI directly. Take out those rangefinders, and the ship's gunners become drunk. This cost it the match against the Ngome and appeared several more times throughout the tournament.
  • The Curse has very little freeboard. While beneficial at short range, causing the enemy's shells to hit the water and skip over the Curse, it also makes the ship sink like no other vessel in the tournament.
  • The AI has a bad case of "LEEROOOY JENNNNKINNNNNS". As 2/3 of the ships' weapons cannot aim at the target if the ship doesn't turn, this is a serious problem. This lack of turning also makes it a sitting duck for its opponents' fire until the AI finally decides to turn.
  • Even though the hull is decently armored, the turrets are vulnerable to the leaking bug, causing any good hit to pop them, making the Curse of the Wireless Snooper more likely.
  • The armor is weak just below the belt and above the bulge. While this isn't too big of a problem for HE shells, APHE can go through without a problem.
  • The turrets don't have firing restrictions. I could've sworn I added them, I guess not.
  • As a cost saving measure, the Curse only has 2000 fuel. This is only a few minutes and causes the Curse to go dead in the water after awhile.
  • The guns have a low muzzle velocity, this was done to prevent the shells skipping off the water at short range, but makes it impossible to hit fast targets at medium range and anything at long range.
  • The rear of the B, N, and Z turrets have blocks missing. No idea how that happened.
  • The B, N, and Z turrets have barrels mounted on the top of the turrets to allow them to fire over the "railing". Plunging fire murders them harder than the A, M, and Y turrets.
  • The M and N turrets shoot the walkway above them and the walkway provides no protection at all against incoming fire.
  • All turrets have short and inadequately armored necks and shoulders, leading to lots of turret pop
The Curse V2, the version available for download, added firing restrictions, altered the broadside settings, and turned off the snooper, but the other problems persisted, and the Curse still "LEEROYY JENNKINNS"s.

The Curse features:

  • 1m metal -> 1m HA belt, thinning to 4m slopes at the ends
  • Metal > Stonex4 > Metal bulge armor
  • Hull is Metal>Stone>Metal to 1m Metal
  • Metal > Stone >Metal citadel
  • Wood > Metal deck
  • HA turret heads(useless due to the leaking bug)
  • Metal, alloy, and wood superstructure.
  • Stern has an overhang to protect the propulsion and steering, doesn't help much in practice.
  • 15 2m crams with 15k explosive damage, no fuse, and 3RPM.
  • The Curse is very heavy, and does a lot of damage when ramming and takes little in return.
  • Full manual control, while useless in the Battleship Brawl, is good for testing.
  • Decent view from bridge
  • Small, but functional and cute interior under the bridge. Themed after its namesake. Minor spoilers for Higurashi no naku Koro ni inside.
  • 2 notable fights in the Battleship Brawl: Fight of the Detection Derps(vs the Ngome) and Fight of the Anime Ships(vs the Angel Beats)
  • "Hanyuu nanodesu~!"
The shortcomings of the Curse became obvious after a couple matches. A few small changes became a massive rebuild. The changes became even larger after the Kronstadt was retired and I got access to its blueprint. Using it as a benchmark, the new vessel became still more powerful. One serious problem remained: "LEEROOY JENNNKINNNS". This problem was solved when the secrets of the Death of Virtue were laid bare. The vessel recieved a "Broadside Forcer", and became known as...

The Return of the Curse of Oyashiro-sama
[Image: 2017-05-22_16%2012%2054_zpshtb6ewm9.jpg]

I know. Very original, isn't it?

The vessel now:
  • Has greatly improved detection, so the Curse of the Wireless Snooper is no more
  • Has 3 times the freeboard than the original Curse, and that's with the air pumps turned off. The Return of the Curse is unsinkable.
  • Has a "Broadside Forcer", so "LEEROYY JENNNKINNNNS" is much less likely.
  • The turrets themselves have much better armor, making turret pop less likely.
  • The majority of the armor was moved to the citadel, and is now slightly more effective than before.
  • Firing restrictions added to the turrets, even the aesthetic secondaries have them.
  • The Return of the Curse not only has twice the fuel of the Curse, its engine is also 5 times more efficient.
  • Turrets are symmetrical now
  • Turrets still vulnerable to plunging fire, but it's not as bad now because the ship actually turns now and can dodge a few shells.
While it has only managed to kill the Kronstadt once in my testing(mainly due to AI aimpoint OCD and the Kronstadt being super OP), the Return of the Curse is a vastly superior vessel than its predecessor.
  • Metal>Stonex4 at the bulge, Metal>Stone along the citadel, Metal elsewhere
  • Wood>Metal deck
  • Wood bulkheads
  • Stone>Stone>Metal>Stone>Metal to Wood>Stone>Stone>Metal>HA corner>Metal for the citadel
  • Alloy and wood superstructure
  • Metal turret heads,necks, and shoulders
  • Some HA around the AI
  • Redundant ammo stores that won't harm critical componants(for the most part) if detonated
  • 8 2m APHE CRAMs 11k kenetic 3.5k HE with a pen fuse at 3.5 RPM
  • 8 2m APHE CRAMs 8k kinetic 11k HE with pen and inertial fuses at 3.5 RPM
  • Even heavier than the Curse, weighing in at a massive 16,827, for even better ram performance
  • Okay-ish view from the bridge
  • Has a fire control computer, but manual steering doesn't work, not that you need it with the broadside forcer.
  • The citadel is fully walkable for repair bots, and between the two sets of turrets for the avatar. Has a maid cafe to fill the large empty space left by the omitted M and N turrets. Probably the best thing about the ship.
  • Top speed of 10.5 m/s. Pretty slow. Slightly more maneuverable than the Curse though.
  • Eerie red lights on the exterior. Note to devs: Fix the transparency and shaders and stuff so I can put lights everywhere without them bugging out
  • Pitch and Roll evening ACB's. Inhibits listing and pitching when damage is taken.
  • Super laggy for weak PC's, coming in at 18k blocks and 52k volume.
  • Retrofitting a Return of the Curse into a Curse removes all but 17% of the ship, but doing the opposite leaves 11%. Weird.
After finishing the Return of the Curse, reading the 2.0 patch notes, and wanting to improve my building skills for BB Season 4, I went and built another ship, the Busymark.
[Image: 2017-05-22_17%2026%2032_zpsobcbgt9u.jpg]
Gee, I wonder if this ship is based off of anything? I consider this a failed design due to its weak firepower for its cost and tendency to capsize if given a stern look, so I never completed and minmaxed it. It was fun to build nevertheless.
  • Metal hull, HA belt
  • First ship in my fleet to feature proper barbettes, made of HA
  • Metal citadel
  • Wood>Metal deck
  • Metal and wood superstructure
  • Alloy bulkheads(there was a scare that wood was going to be banned in S4)
  • Turrets are HA>Metal>metal to 1m metal
  • The turret to vehicle size ratio is lower than most of my ships, so hitting one is less likely
  • Secondary turrets have a small amount of metal, for aesthetic reasons, it does little to protect the turrets
  • 8 2m CRAMs firing 17K HE shells with timed and inertial fuses at ~3.2 RPM
  • 12 1673mm CRAMs firing 5.5k HE shells with no fuse at ~3.5 RPM
  • Looks pretty good. If there was room in the Steel Striders' battleships, I'd be inclined to make a version for them.
  • Full manual control
  • Bad view from bridge, but well protected.
  • Not walkable at all
  • 15 m/s top speed, due to the cheaty propellers on the bottom
  • Features my most efficient engine, over 1200 PPF, not including the feeder engine.
  • Never got around to making pitch and roll fixing devices, causing the Busy to roll over like a golden retriever.
  • Has a tactical nuke in the magazine for pretty 'splosions.
Due to the failure of the Busymark, I decided that 15 guns was somehow better than 20 and created the CRAPato.
[Image: 2017-05-22_18%2020%2011_zpsn6sckw5p.jpg]
[Image: CrapatoSide_zpssjmumytu.png]
[Image: CrapatoTop_zpsxkbi8ksx.png]
It's fucking gorgeous. Pretty tough too. Unfotunatly, it's 59k over the BB resouce limit.

And this gorgeousness came at a price. I spent 18 hours tabbing between FTD, World of Warships, and various models to make the exterior. Are the KotL's sure the SS don't need more battleships?
  • Belt from Metalx3>Ha to Metal>Ha
  • Deck is an astonishing Wood>MetalX2 around the citadel, thinning to Wood at the bow and stern
  • Citadel is MetalX2, with the Athwartships of the citadel being metal beams on their side, and bulkheads inside the citadel being metal
  • Most bulkheads are wood
  • Turrets are 2m HA to metal, with HA neck, and metal "chestplate" and "boot"
  • Barbettes are 1m HA
  • Secondaries are metal
  • Superstructure is metal and wood, with the bridge having 2m metal on the sides
  • Really pretty so nobody wants to shoot at it
  • 9 2m CRAMs firing 12.5k kinetic 7k HE with a pen fuse at ~3.2 RPM
  • 6 1273mm CRAMs firing 3.5K kinetic 1.5k HE with a pen fuse at 6 RPM
  • Weighs 16000 and is pretty fast, so rams are devastating
  • Best looking ship I've ever made
  • Full manual control
  • View from bridge is bad, but is well protected
  • Not walkable
  • 19.5 m/s in a straight line, 21 when turning, due to cheaty underside props
  • Has roll fixers so it doesn't capsize after the first hit
  • Has a bigger turning circle than the Space Shuttle
  • BUG: Flags on spinblocks don't point up. Well, they do, relative to their spinblock.
  • Injector engines, didn't feel like making a 3800 power efficient one at the time.
More talk on the BB s3 thread lead to the idea of a Monitor Mash, like the BB but with a 50k mat limit instead of 250k, so I built the Yamainu:
[Image: 2017-05-22_19%2050%2056_zpsxlm27qzr.jpg]
Named after the [higurashiSpoiler]organization tasked with providing surveillance and sometimes apprehension of victims or potential victims of Hinamizawa Syndrome, also known as the Curse of Oyashiro-sama[/higurashiSpoiler]

  • Metal>Stone hull, no belt
  • Metal>Stonex2 bulge
  • Wood>Metal deck, only wood at the bow and stern
  • Metal Barbettes
  • Stone citadel
  • Metal>HA to metal turrets, HA and metal neck and shoulder
  • Metal, wood, and alloy superstructure
  • Wood bulkheads
  • 6 1616mm CRAMs firing 6.5k kenetic 4.5k HE shells with a pen fuse at 4RPM
  • Maybe I'll put those decorative autocannons on turrets if they're greenlighted by Menti
  • Full manual control
  • Good view from bridge
  • 240 power/fuel engine, not great, not bad.
  • 11 m/s speed
  • "Broccoli or Cauliflower, which one is green?"

Sooo... simple weapons rebalance and retexture...
Meet Smolbote
[Image: SmolBote_zpsckckbx5f.png]
I can already hear "OMG! IT'S SO CUTE! I WANNA TAKE IT HOME~!"

  • Fuckall
  • Too cute to shoot?
  • 1 autocannon on a 2-axis turret
  • Puppy eyes?
  • Full manual control
  • Walkable
  • Only propulsion is the sail, goes 2m/s if the wind is good, .5 if not.
  • Unobstructed view
  • Uses no fuel whatsoever
That's about all I have that's worth posting

The Curse of Oyashiro-sama:
The Return of the Curse of Oyashiro-sama:

Sorry for bad pictures, can't figure out how to make Steam use better image formats for its screenshots.

I hope I didn't miss anything while proofreading that mess.
Edit 1: Busymark and Boatmurdered blueprints switched. Oops.
Edit 2: More images added

The CRAPaot and Busymark actually look really nice and quite accurate to the real thing. the giant cram does make it look a bit odd. All your ships have really deep drafts for some reason doe.
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

If it doesn't almost sink, then it doesn't have enough armor.

Should have called the CRAPato the CRAMato.

(2017-05-23, 03:21 AM)TheBrisbyMouse Wrote: If it doesn't almost sink, then it doesn't have enough armor.

I manage to make ships with no armour sink, and ships with too much armour float somehow
"A warship isn't really a warship until it wears a cute schoolgirl uniform" -Me

(2017-05-23, 03:30 AM)zzebra Wrote: -snip-
I manage to make ships with no armour sink, and ships with too much armour float somehow

Because FtD fluids are non newtonian...Hit em hard enough or slap enough weight onto them to make them rock solid.

Very nice collection, I recognize almost all of them Big Grin
(2018-03-12, 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote: @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12, 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote: BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin

Giggled a bit when I saw Boatmurdered Big Grin
Nice collection, I'll check them out when I get an opportunity.

(2017-05-23, 10:42 AM)draba Wrote: Giggled a bit when I saw Boatmurdered Big Grin
Losing is fun!

A few more pics of the Return of the Curse, because I like it, some might not be able to load it because their computer isn't good enough, and you'll be seeing more of it in the Battleship Brawl. Eventually.
[Image: ReturnCurseTop_zpszho0edl5.png]
The Broadside forcer:
[Image: ReturnCurseBroadsideForcer_zpswiw8d8xu.png]
This ship really runs deep.
[Image: ReturnCurseSide_zps5rjrid8f.png]
"Say 'ahh', Nii-Nii!"
[Image: ReturnCurseSayAhh_zpsjtvtr0pl.png]
Today, I'll be working on overhauling the Boatmurdered, mainly because most of what needs done doesn't need 2.0 to be out.

Aaaah :O
(2018-03-12, 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote: @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12, 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote: BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin

Uhh...looking at the Return of the Curse, and I've decided that I don't want to meet that thing with The Return of HMS Obdurateness...EVER. The draft of that thing is gigantic, and those guns don't seem to mess around.

(2017-05-24, 06:33 PM)Branjoman Wrote: Uhh...looking at the Return of the Curse, and I've decided that I don't want to meet that thing with The Return of HMS Obdurateness...EVER. The draft of that thing is gigantic, and those guns don't seem to mess around.
In theory, the deep draft is to make shells aimed at the lower 6 or so blocks fall short due to water resistance. In practice, this doesn't work very well, because the draft needed to take advantage of this effect would be prohibitively expensive to armor in any meaningful way. One of the good things this produced was lots of extra freeboard, so the ship never sinks.

And the guns are semi-cleverly designed. Per turret, half the guns are the Deep Penetrator type, the other are HE Nukers with a little bit of AP to inhibit ricochets. The Penetrators fire just before the Nukers, in theory allowing for a Penetrator to make a hole for the Nuker to go through and cause catastrophic damage. I said semi-cleverly, because this happening is about as likely as castrating somebody with a Mosin Nagant at 1000 yards in a hurricane. The alternative was to make all the guns half-and-half, but I neither had the tetrising skill nor the resources to make their shells meaningful. Despite not doing what they're intended to do, the guns are nevertheless effective against anything with realistic maneuverability(I'm looking at you, Imperator II!)

Although the Return of the Curse isn't likely to steamroll through its opponents like the Imperator, Tsushima, and Kronstadt, I think it stands a good chance of getting into the Hall of Champions through endurance.

Boatmurdered update: The refit is mostly done, just need to work on the engines a little so that there's spare power for re-adding shields when 2.0 comes around. I won't bother adding them until then because I don't want to redo them in a couple weeks/months/whenever the devs find the "upload this build to Steam" button.

Edit: Boatmurdered refit complete as can be until 2.0. Link updated.

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