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Along side campaign combat resolution test.

Of the admins are agreeable I'd like too use this campaign to test an out of FTD combat resolver.

I'll be posting what it does, how it works and if combat occurs in game how it would have been resolved using​ be the system. This in no way would effect the actual game or campaign.

Goals: Provide a fast, fair, and realistic results for fleet combat to compensate for poor multiplayer performance in FTD and to provide rp opportunity for games using the system.


Adaptation of a grand strategy rule set where a single die roll determines combat rests for a two month period for fleets seeking combat in a single area of a naval map.

Combat outcome is predetermined based on the amount of naval power present in the area of combat. Players modify the outcome by manipulating the amount of naval power present in the combat.

Combat gives 4 results per ship, undamaged, partial damage, damaged, destroyed. Usually owning players choose which of their ships are damaged.

Potential Problems: The biggest one being that ship abilities and prowess have to be abstracted. This means working out a method of determining stats for each ship that are fair and reasonable.

To give you an idea what of scale, the Bismarck from WW2 rates an 8 (it's actually 7, I dun messed up) in attack power.

Detailed rules explanation next post. thanks

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Along side campaign combat resolution test. - by Sonar - 2017-05-22, 12:59 AM

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