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v1.969 [all branches]

Moderate bug:

Small, large, and autocannons do not work for me now, not even on faction designs like the marauder. I reinstalled, verified cache and they still won't work. They aim correctly but refuse to fire, and the autocannon isn't even place-able for me. I have ammo stores and everything set up correctly - they just won't fire, even if controlled by AI.

Edit: Got it working, deleted simple weapons rebalance from my mods folder as disabling it through the mods menu was apparently not enough.

(2017-05-12, 08:30 PM)Napoleon201067 Wrote: So the next step of FTD is better performance and better graphics?
Im not up to date for its very silent around FTD.
Better performance was promised before and i didnt even noticed a diffrence.
Is this upgrade bigger than before? I wonder why it took so long o:

This is a small patch, big things still in the works...

Loving the new simple weapons!

But is it just me, or can none of them interact with missiles?

EDIT: I think the lazors are a bit too strong
Once in a while I decide to do something stupid and try to perfect it. That is how some of my strongest designs were created.

OMG yes FTD is finally getting more updates! Big Grin
Please check out my creations. I need tips.
Mediocre builder.

Looks like that 2 axis turret cannot aim large cannons placed on it (shoots way too high).
I think it assumes all trajectory.
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Ok toyed around with the weapons a bit, seemed fairly good now that i might use them, BUT i still really really hate the autocannons firing sound. It sounds like an airsoft gun. Something like this would make it feel as powerful as it is.
Warning LOUD!
Please check out my creations. I need tips.
Mediocre builder.


The new simple weapons look absolutely awesome. The new damage of the cannons might be a bit over the top (at least on paper), though i love the new autocannons... FINALLY i can use them for exactly what i always wanted them for!!

Been a small hotfix for simple cannon aiming

Any chance of some beauty shots of the new models? Can't play FTD right now. Lasers and one type of cannon have already been posted ofc., like the look thus far.

Patch seemingly corrupted most of my ship blueprints and the backups. Goes for both ships I used mods on and completely vanilla ships I made.

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