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v1.969 [all branches]

Sneaking in a small patch before the next step of Unity 5.6 and FTD 2.0

[Bug fix] Multiplayer campaign time being reset on loading save fixed
[Bug fix] Game paused on instance load after crash bug fixed
[Bug fix] Missiles being offset occasionally on fast craft when using 'apply to all' bug fixed
[Improvement] Wireless transmitter now controllable via ACB
[Improvement] New models for turrets, rubber, Rams and simple weapons
[Improvement] New simple laser fire sound (should help everyones eardrums)
[Change] Simple weapons substantially improved. Stats for them will require testing and feedback

The Unity 5.6 upgrade is on the way!
Expect a bit of a performance boost initially, followed by the potential for more performance enhancements as well as better graphics with all sorts of gubbins in the future as we extract the precious potential of Unity 5.6.

Whether FTD 2.0 or the Unity 5.6 upgrade hits first is still a race at this stage.

If your having issues, remove any mods installed until the mod compatibly is back up.

Generic simple weapon changes:
Health, armour and weight normalised to the equivalent of a metal block per space
Some minor cost changes

Cannons (small/large):
  • Recoil- 2000/4000 from 2/2000
  • Azimuth movement- 45/40 from 45/30 degrees
  • Reload time- 4/8 from 4/4 seconds
  • Velocity- 120/150 from 50/60 m/s
  • Damage 9000/15000 from 250/600
  • Armour Pierce- 1/2 from 3/4 AP
  • Accuracy 2/1.7 from 4/4 degrees

  • Velocity- 250 from 100 m/s
  • Damage 500 from 75
  • Armour Pierce- 3 from 2 AP
  • Duration of 9 round burst- 1.125 from 0.225 seconds

  • Range- 500 from 100 m
  • Armour Pierce- 10 from 1 AP
  • Ramp up time before fire- 2 from 4 seconds
  • Damage per second during burst- 1600 from 400
  • Burst duration- 5 from 11 seconds
  • Reload time between bursts- 3 from 5 seconds

Waiting for 2.0 has substantially improved my quality of life because I get my daily dose of disappointment right off the bat every morning and my day can only get better thenceforth.

No but seriously a port to Unity 5.6? Multicore possiblities? PhysX 3.3?!

Consider me pumped.

Is it me, or the 1-axis turret is FRIKING huge?
(Is that the bug?)

(2017-05-12, 08:25 PM)Erbenroc Wrote: Is it me, or the 1-axis turret is FRIKING huge?
(Is that the bug?)

That's a bug definetly
[Image: Screenshot_2017-03-12_12.08.10.png]

I'm gonna cuddle you meow :3

So the next step of FTD is better performance and better graphics?
Im not up to date for its very silent around FTD.
Better performance was promised before and i didnt even noticed a diffrence.
Is this upgrade bigger than before? I wonder why it took so long o:

Anyway on the new simple weapons:
Liking the aesthetic of the new simple cannons
Simple laser seems too strong (simple laser for meta weapon 2017?)
Still a bit... iffy on the appearance of the new ram (I need opinions from other people for this)
Autocannon seems to be worst of the bunch still

Suggestion: Leave autocannon as is.
Increase the cost for simple cannons by 2x
Increase the cost of the simple laser by 4x
[Image: Screenshot_2017-03-12_12.08.10.png]

I'm gonna cuddle you meow :3

I tested out the new simple cannons, and it seems like the local weapon controller struggles to properly utilize them.

When mounted on the hull the cannons just point forward and jerk around a bit rather than properly aiming, and when mounted on a turret they point at the sky and do the same thing.

In addition, when mounted on a turret they don't seem to obey the "required accuracy before fire" restriction.

Regarding balance, the small and large cannons could benefit from a bit more speed/accuracy as well as a bit of a damage decrease.

The auto cannon's damage is fine, but could also benefit from a slight speed increase. When I put 4 of them on a two axis turret, it performed decently against some of the small early flyers.

Lastly, the stats in the info tab differ from the actual stats you see when following the rounds.

That sounds like a detection issue. Try turning detection all the way off then repeat the test.

When detection errors are large, your guns jolt around a lot.

I like the new simple lasers. It should finally make it practical to have laser-armed micro vehicles, and may save quite a few blocks here and there.

I think the autocannon's AP is still a bit low, but I have a somewhat biased perspective.

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